Why are Apple AirTag Anti-Stalking Measures 'Not Enough' According to Report
(Photo : Screenshot From Commons.Wikipedia.org) Why are Apple AirTag Anti-Stalking Measures ‘Not Enough’ According to Report

Apple’s safeguards for its own AirTags in order to prevent them from being utilized in order to track someone were noted as just not “sufficient” enough. This came from a report that was investigating how the Apple AirTags can be used for the purpose of covert stalking.

Is the Apple AirTag Safe?

According to the report by The Washington Post’s very own Geoffrey Fowler, Fowler tried to plant an AirTag on himself and even teamed up with a colleague in order to pretend to stalk. He then came to a conclusion that the Apple AirTags are just a “new means” of effective and inexpensive stalking.

Apple’s own safeguards even include privacy alerts that would let its iPhone users know that another unknown AirTag is traveling along with them and might even be in their belongings. This comes along with the other regular sound alerts when a particular AirTag has reportedly been separated from its owner for a period of three days.

Apple Anti-Stalking Measures

Fowler even noted that over the course of a week of tracking, he had been able to receive alerts both from the planted hidden AirTag as well as from his iPhone. After only three days, the supposed AirTag that was used to stalk Fowler played a small sound that was only 15 seconds of light chirping.

The sound measured at just 60 decibels and only played for 15 seconds per time. It then went silent after a number of hours then simply chirped for just 15 seconds. It was also reportedly easy to muffle by simply applying some pressure on top of the Apple AirTag.

Apple vs Stalkers?

According to the story by MacRumors, the three-day countdown timer actually resets after it comes directly in contact with the owner’s own iPhone. This means that if the person being stalked actually lives with their stocker, the sound might even never activate.

Fowler also reportedly received a number of regular alerts regarding the unknown AirTag moving with him from his very own iPhone. He then pointed out that the alerts aren’t even available to Android users. He also noted that Apple does not even provide enough help for it to locate a nearby AirTag since the only way to track it is through sound, this is a feature that reportedly did not work too often.

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What is the Flaw?

The planted Apple AirTag on Fowler reportedly kept his own colleague well-updated with his own location information. It was then updated once every couple of minutes with a range of about half a block. While Fowler was reportedly at home, the Apple AirTag then reported his exact location while using his very own devices thanks to Apple’s very own Find My network.

The Find My network is reportedly designed in order to make it much easier for people to find their lost Apple device or even items attached to an AirTag by using hundreds of millions of different active Apple products all around the world.

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