An international balloon festival will be held next month in Vietnam’s northern mountainous province of Tuyên Quang.

The event aims to introduce foreign and domestic tourists to the beauty of the region while also boosting tourism recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam News Agency reported.

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In preparation for the festival, Ballooning Media – a company that has organized several similar events in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan (China) and the Netherlands – conducted hot air balloon test flights at Nguyễn Tất Thành Square in Tuyên Quang city, and the stadium in the village of Nà Tông in Lâm Bình district.

Based on the test flights, the final decision on the date and location of the festival will be made by the provincial People’s Committee and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

About 15 hot air balloons are expected to be present at the festival.

“The festival is an opportunity for tourists, including Vietnamese and foreigners, to learn more about the province,” Nguyễn Văn Hòa, the deputy head of the Tuyên Quang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, told the reporter.

“The province has said that tourism development should be one of the breakthrough targets in 2020-25,” he added.

Besides promoting tourism products in culture, community, eco and leisure, and adventure, Tuyên Quang also pays attention to creating new and interesting experiences. They include rowing on bamboo rafts and enjoying singing on Nà Nưa Lake in the area of ​​the Tân Trào National Special Historical Relic, and kayaking on the Tuyên Quang Reservoir.

The province has set a goal to welcome more than three million tourists by 2025 and create jobs for more than 25,000 people. By 2030, it will number more than 5.5 million tourists and create jobs for more than 35,000 workers, according to Vietnam News Agency.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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