Samsung is launching its Galaxy S21 series today and, as tradition dictates, the new flagships have received a new interpretation of the “Over the Horizon” ringtone. The tune has undergone a lot of changes since its introduction with the Galaxy S II in 2011, and this year’s variant is a reflection of what we’ve been through in 2020.

The piece was created and performed by pianist and composer Yiruma, who wanted to “give users a feeling of comfort and familiarity”. Check out the full track below:

Samsung also released a short Making of video, showing how Yiruma composed the new track that actually sounds like the original, produced mostly on a piano. “We all want the normal life we’ve had,” the artist revealed. He also went for a minus to make the sound warm and cozy, because that’s what we all want right now – a feeling of comfort.

Art is subjective, so we’d love to know how you feel about the new Galaxy S21 ringtone, so share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: GSMArena


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