On Nov. 23rd, VinShop (an app developed by One Mount Group-branch company of VinGroup) has announced that they will collaborate with Techcombank in the capital aid project this upcoming Spring. 

The new capital aid project will support small retailers that have partnerships with the VinShop  (an app developed by VinGroup). VinGroup will collaborate with Techcombank in this project, and they will offer an amount of capital aid up to 70 million VND. This offer will allow small retailers to stock up enough products for the upcoming Spring, the most decorated season in the year of Vietnamese people.

Capital aid is the new service of VinShop and it fits the slogan that the app has stated earlier: offering a tool to help small retailers expand their revenue easily. The appearance of this service helps the retailers to restock their storage from right now, and in the upcoming time of 2021, VinGroup will reflect the feedbacks and customers’ experience before re-allocating the capital aid service.

The qualification for this capital aid service is that retailers must order stocks from VinShop at least twice a day in 30 days consecutively. After meeting the qualification, the sign-up step for the aid is quite easy. Retailer’s owners only need a photo of their ID cards, a portray, and a confirmation that they have signed up for the aid. VinShop will double check those steps and they will approve the aid if the qualification is passed.

This capital aid service hopefully will help small retailers put off their shoulders stress about importing goods and restocking for the upcoming Spring season. Vinshop allows retailers to have zero of interest up to 40 days, and with this offer, retailers now no longer have to worry about the restocking and importing process. All of those struggle will be eased thanks to help from the capital aid of VinShop and Techcombank.

VinGroup and Techcombank collaborate in the capital aid project this upcoming Spring
VinShop is an innovative development of VinGroup. Photo: VinShop

Besides offering zero interest in 40 days, VinGroup and their partner also provide retailers a special discount for each orders that the retailers make with VinShop app. A retailer can receive a discount up to 1 million VND if they make the order worth 55 million VND.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Techcombank’s executive manager of corporations’ relationship, explained that his bank collaborated with VinGroup because they want to create a better chance to succes for small retailers. “Even though they play an important role in the economy, small retailers is still an outsider in some cases,” Mr. Tuan said. “This collaboration hopefully will offer small retailers a good chance for their development and also helps the bank introduce our service to a broader range of users.”

The partnership between VinGroup and Techcombank is also the first time in Vietnam, a service contributors combine with a financial service provider in developing a capital aid service. Hopefully, this app will play a huge role in professionalize the small retailers and also offer them a better chance to success.


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