• “Build A Better Future” is designed with a solid strategic three-pronged approach: Environment – ​​Education – Humanitarian Aidto improve the living environment and education for future generations.
  • As part of its strategic program, Masterise Group announced its strategic partnership with UNICEF Vietnam to launch the “Innovation for children” project, in collaboration with the local authorities.

Masterize Group a private real estate company with key business segments including residential, commercial, retail real estate, real estate management services and other for-profit activities – just officially announced “Build A Better Future” – Vietnam’s long-term corporate social responsibility program composed of forward-thinking initiatives and practical community values . Following on from past efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR), ‘Build A Better Future’ is a critical step following the group’s roadmap for sustainability.

Jason Turnbull, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Masterise Homes, said: “Little things can make a big difference. In this strategic program, we are gradually taking our small but effective first steps in collaboration with like-minded partners to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people and contribute to building a sustainable community, such as Masterise Group’s long-term commitment.”

Jason Turnbull, Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer of Masterise Homes

Build A Better Future’s activities are focused on addressing the pressing local challenges and are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program aims to develop initiatives, practical solutions and actions to improve the living environment and increase the prosperity and development of Vietnam through a solid strategic three-pronged approach: “Environment – Education – Humanitarian Aid.”

The first approach is to focus on providing a sustainable to live Environment by developing resilient infrastructure and promoting inclusive and sustainable values. As a world-class real estate developer in Vietnam, Masterise Group creates prestigious, outstanding international quality developments, as well as smart, sustainable cities and communities. In addition, the group works with local authorities to develop infrastructure works that provide services to meet the specific needs of rural communities.

Course – the program’s second approach – is also a priority criterion in the company’s previous CSR activities. To build a brighter future in Vietnam, Masterise Group sets goals to improve the quality of education and raise social awareness, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Third, to deliver humanitarian help, the group is committed to guiding, enabling and connecting communities as they grapple with complex challenges such as natural disasters and epidemics. Not only does it work on the SDGs, but it also lives up to the government’s motto “No one left behind” for Vietnam’s growth path.

As part of the program, Masterise Group announces long-term strategic cooperation with UNICEF Vietnam for the period 2022-2024 in the “Innovation For Children” project. The project includes innovations to improve the living environment and education for future generations through expected movements: introduction and testing of innovative educational technology to tackle learning poverty; child and adolescent-led innovation in schools; mainstream climate-resilient aspects by testing and scaling up the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) climate-resilient program; draw lessons from testing and advocate for large-scale adaptation of practical innovations for regions facing similar situations. Further information will be announced by Masterise Group and partners in the near future.

“By supporting these core priorities through its CSR plan, Masterise Group contributes to achieving the SDGs,” said Rana Flowers, UNICEF Representative of Vietnam† “By heeding the call to engage more actively with the private sector, we celebrate Masterise Group’s support as an example of the important role that can be played to improve development outcomes for children, to contribute to the prosperity of the country in the future, and to actively address the challenges of climate change,” she added.

“Build A Better Future” is also a long-term partner with Room to Read in the “Girl’s Education Program” – an effort to end discrimination in education. Through this program, Masterise Group not only supports girls in difficult circumstances to complete their school days, but the company also partners with Room to Read and others to organize life skills lessons, provide advice and mental support that enable them to sets to shape their future.

Masterise Group will announce more information about the progressive and comprehensive initiatives under the “Build A Better Future” program on a larger scale from South to North, fulfilling the commitment to improve the quality of life in Vietnam through resilient , develop sustainable cities and communities for future generations.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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