Thursday, February 25, 2021

Two Vietnamese patient in critical condition due to the impact of COVID-19

Two Vietnamese patient in critical condition due to the impact of COVID-19

Two Vietnamese patients living in Da Nang and Hanoi of Vietnam are in critical conditions right now due to the impact of COVID-19 , according to VnExpress.

Patient number 1536 in Da Nang and patient number 1823 in Hanoi are in critical conditions and being treated with ECMO equipment right now. These two Vietnamese patients are the most crucial case of COVID-19 in Vietnam so far. According to a report from CDC, Vietnam is treating for 687 coronavirus patients at this moment. About 625 patients are in good recovery while 11 of them have signs of getting worse.

Patient number 1536 (79 years old), arriving back to Vietnam from the U.S., got bad symptom in the a few weeks. He is being treated by Lungs Hospital in Da Nang. This patient has a complicated health history including diabetes, high heart pressure. His case is so nightmarish right now with his whole body being squeezed out by the impact of coronavirus. His lungs are destroyed badly by the virus and his death chance is high.

Patient number 1823 (65 years old), living in Hanoi, is being treated by National Hospital of Tropical Diseases right now. The patient is being cured with ECMO equipment. Medical staff of the hospital reported that this patient is bleeding a lot.

Two Vietnamese patient in critical condition due to the impact of COVID-19.
Some regions in Vietnam have to be isolated right now.

Nine patients are also in critical condition right now. Two of them are quite young, 29 years old and 38 years old. They all are being observed closely.

Additionally, patient number 1536, came back to Da Nang, Vietnam from the U.S. in Jan. 13th and was quarantined immediately. She was tested to be positive with COVID-19 in the same day and was transferred to the Lungs Hospital of Da Nang.

From Jan. 18th to Feb. 17th, Health department of Vietnam recognized 737 social infection, 557 cases reported in Hai Duong, 60 cases in Quang Ninh, 36 cases in Ho Chi Minh city, 35 cases in Hanoi, 27 cases in Gia Lai, 6 cases in Binh Duong, 5 cases in Bac Ninh, 3 cases in Dien Bien, 2 cases in Hoa Binh, Hung Yen, and Bac Giang, and 1 case in Hai Phong and Ha Giang.

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