Vietnam climbs 28 points in the latest COVID-19 recovery index, reaching 90th position in the latest edition of Nikkei’s COVID-19 Recovery Index, released in early February.

The latest increase is due to the high vaccination coverage and the first signs of recovery in tourism in the country, the VOV reports.

According to Nikkei, the country is starting to make a comeback, despite still dealing with high levels of infections.

“It is also moving towards coexistence with the virus, after easing return rules for overseas nationals and foreign workers late last month,” the website outlined.

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Taiwan (China) climbed to the top spot, while Cambodia rose to second after the neighboring Southeast Asian country declared about three months ago that it would start living alongside the pandemic.

Elsewhere, China rose one place to fourth as it gears up for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In addition, the Philippines dropped 45 places to 104th after the Omicron variant caused an explosion in cases, while Japan dropped 55 places to 67th.

Other ASEAN member countries also had higher positions in the index, including Malaysia in 10th place, along with Singapore and Thailand in 19th.

The Nikkei COVID-19 Recovery Index ranks more than 120 countries and territories for their infection management, vaccine deployment and social mobility.

A higher ranking indicates that a country or region is closer to recovery with low numbers of COVID-19 cases, better vaccination rates or less strict social distancing measures, according to the VOV.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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