Nikkei’s “Covid-19 Recovery Index” assesses countries and regions in terms of disease management, vaccine deployment and social flexibility (degree of freedom of movement).

The higher the rating, the closer the country/region is to recovery, with lower morbidity and mortality, better vaccination coverage and fewer movement restrictions.

According to Nikkei Asia, Vietnam rose 30 places to 62nd place, comparable to Japan and Singapore.

Việt Nam nhảy 30 bậc trong bảng xếp hạng Chỉ số phục hồi Covid-19, vươn lên ngang Nhật Bản, Singapore - Ảnh 1.

Previously, Vietnam improved 28 places to 90th in Nikkei’s “Covid-19 Recovery Index” published in January 2022, thanks to world-leading vaccination rates and signs of opening up to tourism.

Nikkei said that while Vietnam still has to record a high infection rate, thanks to its vaccination rate at the top of the world, it is gradually returning to normal life.

Elsewhere in Asia, Taiwan’s (China) rankings have fallen as a result of the shift from a zero-covid strategy to living with the epidemic, even as the number of infections rises. Taiwan dropped from 4th to 94th place in the latest ranking.

China is down 62 places from the previous month as it faced its worst outbreak. Nearly 25 million Shanghai residents have been quarantined at home for more than a month, while Beijing is fighting small local outbreaks with massive quarantine and containment measures. Millions of other cities across China have been completely or partially shut down.

Daily infections in China have fallen from nearly 30,000 in mid-April to less than 10,000 now, with more than 90% of cases concentrated in Shanghai. The financial center has also reported 503 deaths since April 17.

South Korea rose 48 places to 25th as the number of new cases fell and movement restrictions were eased. Currently, Korea considers Covid-19 an endemic disease and is considering lifting restrictions related to Covid-19.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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