The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health approved the circulation of three drugs containing Molnupiravir manufactured in Vietnam for the treatment of Covid-19 on Feb. 17.

Accordingly, there are three licensed drugs, including Molravir 400 with Molnupiravir 400mg in hard capsule form manufactured by Boston Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Vietnam, Movinavir 200mg Molnupiravir in hard capsule form manufactured by Mekophar Pharmaceutical Chemical Joint Stock Company , and a Molnuporavir Stella 400 hard capsule of 400 mg Molnupiravir manufactured by Stellapharm Joint Venture Company.

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The authorization for the three medicines is valid for three years. The Drug Administration of Vietnam requires manufacturing companies to register manufactured drugs according to records filed with the Ministry of Health.

In addition, manufacturing facilities must work with hospitals to strictly comply with current prescription drug regulations.

The drug watchdog asked the health authorities in provinces and cities to notify medical facilities, health personnel and drug suppliers in the area to inform patients about the benefits and risks of taking the drug during treatments, as well as other alternative medicines to molnupiravir in the United States. region. treatment of Covid-19.

At the same time, medical clinics were required to track down drug side effects for reporting to the Hanoi-based National Center of Drug Information And Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring or the Regional Center for Drug Information and Adverse Reactions Monitoring in Ho Chi Minh City. to sector regulations.

The Ministry of Health has allocated approximately 450,000 doses of Molnupiravir to 51 provinces and cities that are implementing the Molnupiravir Controlled Use Program for mild cases of Covid-19 in the community. The results of the Molnupiravir study showed that almost all Covid-19 patients taking the drug had a low viral load, a very low number of serious illnesses and no deaths.

By Quoc Lap – Translated by Uyen Phuong @ SGGP

Source: Vietnam Insider


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