Electric cars and concept cars are notable trends at the Vietnam Motor Show 2022, showing that Vietnam is increasingly catching up with new world trends.

Vietnam Motor Show 2022 (VMS 2022) officially opened on the morning of October 26 after 2 years of absence. 14 car manufacturers participating in VMS 2022 including Audi, Brabus, Honda, Jeep, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors, Morgan, MG, RAM, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo bring 120 new models with many electric models and concept cars.

Audi brings the all-electric e-tron 50 SUV quattro after introducing the concept version at the 2019 exhibition, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam first launched the EQS, Toyota introduces the bZ4X all-electric model.

Booth opening VMS fair 2022

Meanwhile, many brands also presented concept cars for the first time, demonstrating the new trend. Lexus introduces the LF-Z electric car concept, developed on a completely new electric platform that combines an electronic steering system and artificial intelligence. Mitsubishi Vietnam brings the XFC concept car closer to customers through the exhibition.

In addition, there are also many notable models such as Brabus G800, Morgan Plus Six, 7th Generation Honda Civic TypeR, New Jeep Grand Cherokee L, MG Marvel R and MG4, Subaru WRX and All New WRX Wagon, Subaru 6th Generation Outback, All New 2nd Generation Subaru BRZ, new improved Subaru Forester, locally produced and assembled Veloz Cross, new Volkswagen Touareg and Volkswagen Tiguan, Volvo XC90 Recharge Ultimate and advanced technologies latest advancement.

mr. Laurent Genet, a representative of real car importers, judged that Vietnam definitely has great potential in the development of the car market. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for car manufacturers and importers to retain customers and meet increasingly stringent requirements. He estimated that the Vietnamese car market will warm up by the end of 2022, when companies plan to launch many new products.

Audi’s luxury pure electric car

The car market in Vietnam is getting more and more exciting and faster with the general trend of the world, the most obvious of which is the trend of green cars. Many automakers have begun to market electric and hybrid models to meet domestic demand. As of August 2022, the whole country has produced, assembled, imported about 3,000 electric cars, more than 20 times the number of electric cars in 2019. Currently, Vietnam has nearly 1.8 million mopeds – electric motorcycles are in use.

According to the assessment, Vietnam has certain advantages in converting internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles, especially the government has policies to support the production and assembly of electric vehicles. However, moving from internal combustion to electric vehicles according to the government’s roadmap will require many solutions in policy, infrastructure and markets.

The seminar “Introducing Green Technology Solutions to Reduce Emissions and Protect the Environment” will be held as part of the Vietnam Motor Show 2022, showing the catching up of car manufacturers’ trends in the context of the strong trend of electrification of the automotive industry.

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