Seoul, the capital of Korea, considers the Southeast Asian market (including Vietnam) to be one of the most potential groups of visitors.

According to the research results on Korea’s tourism potential in 2021, Southeast Asia is rated as one of the major key markets.

This area has the highest percentage of people in the world who want to travel to Korea. In the 5-year period (from 2015 to 2019) before the Covid-19 pandemic, Korean tourism profits in the Southeast Asian market grew by about 60%.

Vietnam is the 7th largest market among the countries with the highest number of tourists to Korea, with an average of about 550,000 arrivals per year. The rate of group travel is high. Vietnamese tourists have a keen interest in Korean beauty products and services, fashion, and Hallyu culture.

Therefore, Vietnam is gradually taking an important position and is regarded as a strategic object in promotion campaigns about tourism in Seoul.

During the two days of August 2-3, Seoul also held two events promoting tourism in Ho Chi Minh City, offering a variety of experiences in fashion, beauty, music and street food.

Mr. Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul, said: “With the Seoul City Government, Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular are the most important strategic partners. Tourism is a particularly prominent field in exchange activities between the two sides. I hope the event will be an opportunity for the two countries in general and the two cities in particular to better understand each other, creating a favorable environment for promoting tourism and exploring new areas of cooperation in the future.” .

Many remarkable activities also took place in the context of the two events. With “My Soul Seoul in Ho Chi Minh” is the performance of the group HIGHLIGHT (B2ST) with hits like Shock, Fiction… At the event “Soulful Seoul Night in Ho Chi Minh City” the Mayor of Seoul also officially appointed Mr. Park Hang Seo – Head Coach of Vietnam National Football Team as Global Tourism Ambassador of Seoul.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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