The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam suggests allowing passengers with vaccine passports and PCR negative test results to enter Vietnam.

On April 6, the leader of the Vietnam Aviation Administration said that he petitioned the Ministry of Transport to report to the Government for the implementation of the vaccine passport in Vietnam to reopen international air routes.

The airline industry is facing many difficulties due to the epidemic effects. The reopening of regular international flights is urgent. Allowing passengers to use vaccine passports and having negative PCR test results is the effective solution when opening flight routes.

A representative of the Department

Vaccine passport is a record of personal data, including documents, papers proving that the vaccine has been vaccinated or has a negative test certificate, determined on a digital basis. In addition to being able to travel to another country, this data can also be used when going to work, to restaurants, to shop in the country.

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The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam assessed that the electronic data of the vaccine passport will limit the counterfeiting of test certificates as happened in some countries such as Brazil and Bangladesh. Authorities will quickly search and retrieve information through the form of QR codes, ensuring information security for passengers.

Many countries have applied vaccines passports, such as China for hard copies and electronic versions. This passport can scan QR showing name, passport number, test results, vaccine type, hospital injected. Hungary has issued vaccination passports to people who have recovered from their illness or have received two shots of Covid vaccine.

Currently, there is no legal regulations on vaccine passport in Vietnam, and there are no agreements at the government, inter-ministerial and country levels to apply to international visitors entering and leaving.

Earlier in mid-March, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc assigned authorities to consider appropriate disease prevention and control measures when Vietnam applied a vaccine passport; at the same time, to consider and research step by step reopening international routes.

Two days later, at the meeting of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention, the ministries, branches and major mobile carriers said that the technical infrastructure system related to “vaccine passport” for foreigners will be completed, ready to deploy from April.

Vietnam is still closing regular international commercial flights. From March 2020, international commercial flights are licensed to fly one-way passengers from Vietnam to other countries and flights to Vietnam carry goods only. Vietnamese people who want to return home must have special circumstances, and foreign experts who come must also apply for permission.


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