Twitter’s new privacy policy is out, calling it simpler and easier to understand. But most will still find it boring. That said, the social media giant also introduced a web game to explain what has changed.

Twitter's new privacy policy rolls out |  Web Game tries to explain changes to its users

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This photo, taken on October 26, 2020, shows the logo of the American social network Twitter displayed on the screen of a smartphone and a tablet in Toulouse, southern France.

Twitter’s Privacy Policy Launches

According to a Social Media Today news report, the giant social media platform, Twitter, has been going on for days before its apparently new owner, Elon Musk, takes over.

One of the latest changes Twitter is making, in addition to numerous updates before the new billionaire owner arrives, is an updated privacy policy.

The updated privacy policy of the social networking service also comes with a redesign of the website explaining this.

Besides the new look, the folks at Twitter must have thought that the beautiful new interface isn’t enough to explain the update to its users. For example, the social media giant introduced its very first web game.

To be clear, Twitter is not venturing into the lucrative world of gaming. It’s still true to its original form – a social media platform, which some aptly refer to as a microblogging service.

It is worth noting that it introduced its interactive web game only to make it easier for its users to understand all the privacy stuff that the app offers. It can be a complicated subject for some and boring for most people.

Twitter’s new privacy policy simplified

Twitter actually believes that understanding privacy policy shouldn’t require someone to have a law degree or anything like that.


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In this photo illustration, a phone screen shows the Twitter logo in the background of a Twitter page, in Washington, DC, on April 26, 2022.

As such, the social media company said it used “clear language” and ditched all that uninteresting legal jargon.

The soon-to-be-run social media outlets said it has rewritten its privacy policy “to try to make it useful.”

Twitter also stated that the site’s privacy policy had been given a new look. Social Media Today emphasized that the redesign was made up of three sections, making it more organized and easier to browse.

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Twitter’s Data Dash game

Aside from the less “legal” writing and site redesign, Twitter went a step further and even developed a game for its updated policies.

The interactive educational games are there to explain the different parts of its new policy through 2D animation.

According to a recent report from Gizmodo, the Twitter game certainly looks “cute”, but it’s also annoyingly buggy.

But again, it’s only there to explain Twitter’s privacy policy – not a full game title to entertain users.

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