Twitter is now opening up Spaces, its voice-based social network, to more people. Specifically, those accounts with 600 followers or more can use this feature, as announced by Twitter on its official blog

If you have 600 or more followers, good news, you may join or speak at your own Spaces session on either Twitter for iOS or Android. 

The said follower count is preferred as it is more likely to get traction with its big audience. “These accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience,” Twitter said. 

Twitter Will Now Let Anyone With 600 Followers Use Spaces, Its Voice-Based Social Network

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Twitter is now opening up Spaces, its voice-based social network, to more people. Specifically, those accounts with 600 followers or more, it announced on its official blog.

But even if a user has less than said number of followers, they may still listen to the audio conversation. And if the moderator allows, they could speak too. 

In 2020, Twitter introduced Spaces to allow users to try a new social experience — an audio-only chat room. Afterward, it debuted on Android on March 2 and iOS on May 4. 

However, it only allowed limited people to experience it at first and gradually allowed more. According to Twitter, it was because it wanted to make sure that safety was in place in its new venture. 

This decision comes after Clubhouse, also an audio-only social network that has had problems in moderating. At its invite-only stage, it has been bombarded by high-profile moderation failures. One instance was harassment of a New York Times reporter, as reported by The Verge.

In addition, Twitter is reportedly in talks to buy Clubhouse. 

Notably, the latest expansion of allowed users in Spaces is the biggest since it started. 

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I Have 600 Followers: How Does Space Work?  

Twitter says, in their official blog, that there are two ways to host a Space. First, by long-pressing “Tweet compose” on your Home timeline. Or by tapping on your profile image in Fleets, and scrolling to the far right. There, you may tap Space. 

Additionally, as a host, you may control who could speak and the topic to be talked about. You may also invite people to speak in your Space. 

As an added safety feature, Twitter recently included a mute all speakers option for the host. Aside from that, anyone may also report or block people in the Space or even to the extent of reporting the Space itself. 

Moreover, Space hosts may soon receive monetary support through selling tickets. The said feature is identical to Clubhouse’s. Users may only enter the conversation if they are willing to pay for its entrance fee. Twitter assured that they will only take a small cut from the income. 

Twitter also announced that, in the coming weeks, an option to schedule is coming. Plus, small additional options, such as co-hosting, improved discoverability, and improved live captions will soon grace Spaces. 

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