Twitter Verification has yet again, paused its acceptance of new application requests from people to get their accounts marked with the blue or white check that shows the legitimacy of their account. This symbol had been directly tied to famous personalities including artists, directors, official companies, CEOs, correspondents, and the like.

Twitter Verifcation

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However, the one question in mind for most people is that, “How to get Twitter verified?” or “how to get that little blue check?” and No, it is not Twitter that looks into the individual accounts of a person and grants them a verified status on social media. Rather, it is something to apply for, with submissions being forwarded to a body solely dedicated to this.

Twitter has had a lot of evolutions as a social media platform, and it mainly focuses on getting its services to bring a different kind of social media experience. The short word social media is known to offer different kinds of new features including that of Twitter’s take on Clubhouse, Spaces, which has been launched for Android and the Web.

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Twitter Verification: What is It?

Many of Twitter’s gimmicks is the arrival of a new subscription or paid experience which is called “Twitter Blue” which is the “premium” experience in social media where a user can get a myriad of new features. Apart from Twitter Blue being the premium experience, another feature in Twitter will make one feel like a boss, and it is through the Verification.

What does it take to be Twitter Verified? Well, you need your account to prove that you are the person you say you are, especially in this world of the internet where anyone can be anything. According to Twitter Verified (@verified), its application processing are back but is temporarily pausing it, due to the number of applications that were sent to the governing body.


These “backlogs” that they got just show how much Twitter Verification is a thing and a must-have in this world today, especially as people can masquerade as someone else, use their photos, and even talk like them. To separate the fake ones from the real ones, Twitter needs to verify them to ensure that these people are protected from being seen as someone else.

How to Get Twitter Verification

Twitter Verification gives a feeling of security and ensures social media users that the specific profile can be trusted, as they are used by the same person which claims who they are supposed to be. There are various reasons to get verified, and Twitter says that they are enacting a new application scheme that begun last May 20 for this purpose.

To get verified, Twitter users need to update their personal information, particularly with their contact information, and accomplish all that needs to be answered. After which, proceed to the following steps:

  • Go to the […] symbol on one’s profile
  • Go to Settings and Privacy
  • Go to Account > Account Information > Verification Request
  • Click Start Request
  • Wait for Twitter’s approval and message for confirmation

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