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Twitter Spaces may be getting a new feature that lets users manipulate their voices. The social media app is said to be working on a Voice Transformer feature that will provide different effects for users to change the sound of their voice.

Twitter Spaces New Feature

After Twitter discontinued Fleets, the app is investing more in Spaces, its live audio conversations service launched in May.

Jane Manchu Wong, a social media researcher, was the first to reveal the upcoming voice feature.

Wong posted on Twitter that the feature will allow you to change your pitch, insert effects, and add echo to your audio to make your online chat more fun and engaging.

Soon after, software miner and MacRumors contributor Steve Moser unveiled the list of effects available on Spaces.

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The effects include Cartoon, Bee, Incognito, Helium, Microphone, Karaoke, Spatial, Phone, Stage, and Stadium.

The voice feature is said to help users who are reluctant to talk and those who are self-conscious about how they sound like.

The nature of the effects could create a less serious and more inviting environment, especially since Spaces is meant to draw Twitter users closer.

Twitter had not released an official launch date for Voice Transformer, but the code relating to the feature is already included in the app’s latest mobile version, hinting that the rollout is not far away, according to GSMArena.

Expanding Twitter Spaces

The new voice feature for Spaces came after Twitter announced in May that it is opening Twitter Spaces to all users with a minimum of 600 followers, according to TechCrunch.

Spaces is an audio-only voice chat feature that allows the host to stream voice chats with other users on the platform. The other users in the chat can choose to listen or join in the conversation.

Twitter also released Ticketed Spaces, which lets hosts earn by allowing them to monetize their Spaces.

US-based Twitter users were the first to try out Ticketed Spaces, but the company said it would soon expand it to other countries in the coming months.

Users can also schedule time slots and set reminders for future Spaces. The other features that are said to be coming to Spaces are co-hosted Spaces, live captioning, and access to Spaces through a profile icon on a Twitter feed.

Twitter Spaces vs. Clubhouse

Twitter decided to launch Spaces thanks to the overwhelming success of the app Clubhouse. Clubhouse thrived during the peak of the global pandemic last year, as it hosted public voice chats with users and allowed audiences to listen in live conversations.

Twitter drew inspiration from Clubhouse and introduced its version of live audio chats. Right from the start, Twitter had the upper hand since it has more than 350 million users worldwide, while Clubhouse is relatively new with a user base of only 15 million.

Clubhouse was also limited to iPhone users until early this year, when the company launched the app’s Android version. Meanwhile, Twitter is available to everyone, even to desktop users.

Whatever service people use will all boil down to preference. Still, with Twitter constantly upgrading Spaces, there is a possibility that it will soon surpass Clubhouse in terms of popularity and features.

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