Twitter will now extend beta access for its anti-harassment tool Safety Mode. The social media app introduced this feature in September 2021, allowing users to automatically block suspicious accounts to prevent further “unwanted intent” on the platform.

Twitter Expands Safety Mode Auto Blocking Beta

Twitter extends access for autoblocking Safety Mode Beta, along with companion feature

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Twitter is now extending usability for its anti-harassment tool Safety Mode in beta. Here’s what you need to know about it.

According to CNET, the service was initially only offered to a small group of about 750 beta users. Before the expansion, Twitter will now allow it to become available to a large group of people.

This time, the anti-abuse tool can now be used by 50% of individuals living in certain countries such as the US, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

During the previous release, the social media platform allowed users to test this feature against possible harassment from strangers and even people they know.

In addition, Twitter viewed actions such as verbal insults and obnoxious replies as “potentially harmful” language that should not be allowed in the social media space.

The expansion was also part of the company’s mission to better understand the safety mode beta. That said, Twitter wants to hear the public’s suggestions to refresh the feature or add additional improvements.

Amid concerns about harassment, The Verge reported that nearly 217 million users have experienced this issue. There was also a time when people called out Twitter because it was a “toxic” social media place for women.

This statement can be found in the 2018 study conducted by Amnesty International and Element AI. The survey found that female journalists encountered abusive tweets on the platform every 30 seconds on average.

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Twitter brings companion feature

Aside from the beta access for the automatic security mode blocking, Twitter also launched the proactive security mode, an accompanying feature that allows the platform to warn people about uninvited comments.

“For this reason, our technology will now proactively identify potentially harmful or unsolicited responses and prompt people in beta to enable safety mode,” the social media company said.

For now, the anti-harassment feature will prevent unwanted visitors from harassing their online victims. The Safety Mode feature is a critical step in making Twitter a safe place for people who want to be alone on social media.

In another report from Tech Times, you can even prevent people from searching for you on Twitter by using your provided email address or phone number. By tweaking a few “Privacy & Security” settings, you can limit the audience that can view your tweets and other activities.

This quick guide will also help you avoid unwanted interactions that you don’t want. Earlier this year, Twitter launched the beta version for the Video Reaction Reply for iOS users.

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