Global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro has proven its excellence in its craft as its flagship threat detection and response platform passed the latest ATT&CK Evaluation from the tech foundation MITRE Engenuity.

In a news release, Trend Micro announced how its Vision One platform was able to quickly detect and identify 96 percent of attack steps in the ATT&CK Evaluation in a simulated run mimicking the behavior of two real-world and infamous Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups.

The MITRE Engenuity sets itself apart from other industry organizations that tests a security solution’s ability to detect and prevent malware samples. With the ATT&CK Evaluation, products are tested on how they detect targeted attacks that leverage known adversary behavior. Using this strategy, real-world attacks are more accurately simulated, with MITRE Engenuity focusing on threat groups Carbanak and FIN7 for this year.

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Trend Micro Vision One Against the ATT&CK Evaluation

The full assessment from the latest MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation is available in a separate Trend Micro Vision One news release. In it, Trend Micro Vision One was able to provide 96 percent of attack coverage, equivalent to visibility for 167 out of 174 simulated steps in the simulation. This means that the Trend Micro flagship solution supports its customers in building “a clear picture of the attack and respond faster.”

All of the attacks – 100 percent – against the Linux host in the evaluation were detected, catching all 12 simulated attacker steps, which is particularly important considering the increase of use by a lot of organizations.

MITRE Engenuity also reports that 139 pieces of telemetry were enriched by the Trend Micro platform. This translates to an “extremely effective threat visibility” so organizations can better understand the attacks coming their way, which is an important part for security operations center (SOC) analysts.

Also, 90 percent of the attack simulations in the ATT&CK Evaluation were prevented by Trend Micro Vision One in each of the tests, thanks to the platform’s automated detection and response. Early detection of these attacks in the real world frees investigation resources, allowing organizations to focus on other, harder security issues.

“Security has been about spotting the tools used in an attack: MITRE Engenuity adds the dimension of recognizing rather the patterns of an attacker, no matter when different tools are used,” explains Greg Young, Trend Micro vice president of cybersecurity. He explains that the MITRE Engenuity evaluations is complex, like the real attacks it models.

Young added that the “bigger success” in the recent Trend accomplishment is in educating organizations that the ATT&CK Evaluation is not “just about the test,” but could be a part of the everyday SOC playbook in the same way Trend Micro does.

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