Tourist “hacking and slashing” is very common in tourist destinations, especially during the holidays, causing people to lose money as well as get angry. The tips below to “hack” tourists will help you have a smooth trip from April 30 to May 1.

Find information about your destination

Thanks to the internet, you can easily find the necessary information about the destination in advance to prepare. For any trip, you need to know specifically where you are going, how you move, how you eat meals – snacks, the price is expensive there or cheaper than where you live. From there you will be more active in your trip, encounter fewer unwanted problems and avoid “hacking”.

The secret to not getting 'hacked' while traveling on the occasion of April 30, May 1 - May 1

Finding destination information is the secret to avoiding “hacking” when traveling from April 30 to May 1.

In addition, there are many forums and review sites on travel topics with lots of useful information that you can refer to beforehand. That’s how you become a smart tourist, you avoid the “pricey” places, you sell at sky high prices.

Book a room, book a tour early

The main tourist destinations are often very busy on holidays or weekends. You should book a room or book a tour 30/4-1/5 as soon as possible because the demand is very high in these days. If you book early, you can choose a nice room, good service quality, convenient to travel, especially good price and not pressured.

Don’t be too greedy to be cheap, but blindly believe in the advertising of discounts and “terrible” offers. Maybe they called up the price several times and lowered it, or charged a lot of extra fees later on. It is best to choose hotels with clearly stated prices.

There are many travel and hotel forums for reference. When you choose a hotel you like on that forum, check the hotel’s official website (if available) for a better understanding of the price and amenities, the furniture in the room.

Ask the price, choose the restaurant with the stated price

To avoid being “hacked” when traveling from April 30 to May 1, choose restaurants and eateries with listed prices. Before ordering, please check and ask for the price, ask carefully about additional charges that may be charged, such as chairs, umbrellas, paper towels, taxes, service charges, etc.

The secret to not getting 'hacked' while traveling on the occasion of April 30, May 1-2

Ask for the price before choosing or buying to avoid getting hacked during the trip April 30-1/5.

When ordering food, you should also choose something suitable for your destination, for example, if you travel to sea, you should order seafood instead of forest specialties. If you are going to the mountains, do not order seafood as the cost will increase a lot. Diners are often afraid to ask for prizes for fear of being “home,” afraid of being judged by their companions as low on money. Asking the price before eating shows that you are a smart eater.

In addition, you should check the invoice carefully before you pay, because errors can always occur. Restaurant owners in tourist destinations often have all kinds of tricks to enlarge the table by a few dishes, even if you do not order. Therefore, check the invoice before paying.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

Another essential requirement when traveling is that you are not afraid to negotiate. Male tourists are often afraid to pay the price, so they buy more expensive products and the seller does not regret paying a high price. Even women should be careful to set an acceptable price for the item they want.

In some places you have to get 50-70% off the price quoted by the seller, but there are places where you only need to cut 10-20%,… If you are not observant it is very easy to the item to buy with prices are “in the sky” and there is a feeling of being cheated.

Prepare the necessary supplies

If you travel on the occasion of April 30 to May 1, you must prepare all necessary items such as swimwear, sunglasses, hats. If you have to buy these things in the tourist area, you have to spend double or triple the money. Not to mention that when buying stuff in a tourist area you have little choice in terms of design, dimensions and quality.

If possible, bring drinking water and food, in case the restaurant is far from the tourist area.

Save Hotline Phone Number

When faced with a situation where they are “cut and cut”, many tourists often endure the battle without being able to protect themselves. The best way to get into that situation is to immediately call the phone number of the authorities where you come. This will help ensure your rights as well as avoid disputes and conflicts when the seller intends to attack.

The secret to avoiding being 'hacked' while traveling on the occasion of April 30, May 1 - May 3

Save hotline numbers to avoid emergencies.

The phone numbers you need are: Hotline showing the status of local tourism, regional police, hotel where you are staying…

Make friends with the locals

There is nothing better than having family or friends who live in the place you are going. You don’t have to worry about getting pinched if you go with them. In the absence of loved ones, you can actively get to know people or enlist the help of hotel owners, drivers… for advice on places to go and not to go, how to buy, sell and pay. You can also ask them to come with you while shopping if they don’t mind.

Do not follow the “stork”

Most busy tourist attractions have “storks”, from “storks” from motorcycle taxis, “storks” from taxis, “storks” from hotels to “storks” from restaurants, “storks” from souvenir and specialty stores, etc. You must be very alert to avoid being lured into a trap. “The stork” is the factor that helps the restaurateurs to “chopping” tourists. them. tie. In those cases, you have to be careful and be very “solid” to avoid losing money.

Buy original specialties

The secret to not getting 'hacked' while traveling on the occasion of April 30, May 1 - May 4

Buy specialties from the root to get cheap prices and ensure quality.

If you are planning to buy gifts, visit the local craft villages to buy souvenirs and fresh produce. When buying from the source, the price is always cheaper; You will have the opportunity to learn how to make unique, high quality products.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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