Golden Dragon Program – honoring typical FDI enterprises, operating effectively, achieving many successes in business development and making efforts to contribute to the development of economic sectors, places and the economy of Vietnam in 2022, with the theme “Resource convergence, promoting green growth and sustainable development” just happened in Ho Chi Minh City † This is an annual event organized by Vietnam Economic Review – VnEconomy – Vietnam Economic Times.

The top 10 typical FDI companies include: Samsung, Intel Products Vietnam, Qualcomm Vietnam, VSIP, Gamuda Land Vietnam, DHL-VNPT, Best Express, Honda Vietnam, Chinfon Vietnam, La Vie.

This year’s Golden Dragon program also honored the Top 50 quintessential FDI companies promoting green growth, including prominent brands such as: Standard Chattered Bank Deloitte, Citi Vietnam, KPMG, Honda, Zamil Steel, Prudential, Amway, Grab, Oppo Vietnam and GreenFeed Vietnam… and many other reputable companies in the market.

In honor of the most typical FDI company in Vietnam
The Golden Dragon Trophy and Certificate Awards Ceremony for the Top 50 Typical FDI Enterprises Promoting Green Growth. Photo:

The award focuses on researching and selecting companies that are pioneers in innovation, creativity, green transformation and application of digital technology in production, business and corporate governance processes in the year 2021-2022.

This is the first time that Oppo Vietnam has been included in the Top 50 Typical FDI Enterprises in Promoting Green Growth and Sustainable Development, right on the occasion of Oppo’s 9th anniversary in the Vietnamese market (March 27, 2013). / March 27, 2022). The award is the clearest demonstration of the right direction of development the company has built over the past 9 years, clearly demonstrating the spirit and philosophy of “Technology for people, kindness to the world” that the company has established. always pursuing and striving to bring users all over the world.

On February 22, ahead of the MWC 2022 Annual Technology Event in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the company published its 2021 “Sustainability Report”, presenting the company’s actions to promote green and environmentally friendly growth throughout the product lifecycle. .

The company is committed to the internationally recognized “3R + 1D” sustainable packaging principle and adheres to reducing packaging weight (Reduce), reusing recycled materials (Reuse), using materials that can be recycled (Recycle) and biodegradable in their packaging (degradable).

In addition to efforts to protect the environment through manufacturing and new technology initiatives, the Vietnam company has long contributed to the sustainable development of the community, joining hands to conduct charitable activities. volunteer in the community. In addition, the company also promotes the development of corporate culture when people are considered the core, culture is the foundation for sustainable development.


Source: Vietnam Insider


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