TOMORROW Conference, the largest Crypto, NFT and Metaverse conference in Europe, rounded out its spectacular debut edition held at Belgrade’s Belex Center, from May 13 to 15, the Crypto Insider reported.

More than 21,000 people from around the world enjoyed the event on-site and online. More than 50 speakers took part in seven exclusive panels, more than 50 keynotes and numerous interactive discussions and workshops from the Crypto, NFT and Metaverse realms. Leading global experts presented the exclusive information about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, as well as mining and investments. For the first time in Europe and the second time in the world, the Metaverse hosted a panel, while also showcasing the latest trends from the NFT world, including collection opportunities and other benefits. The opening ceremony was staged as a futuristic spectacle, with special effects, lasers, drones and pyrotechnics, as the man in the astronaut suit welcomed the crowd. In addition, the next edition of the TOMORROW conference, scheduled for May 2023, will be announced.

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“I still cannot find the right words to express my excitement and gratitude to everyone who was part of the conference, who believed in this conference that was first held in this part of Europe. Now I can say: it was the best. Over the past three days we were able to enjoy more than 50 speakers, seven panels; 6,000 people attended three stages, while more than 15,000 viewed the conference online,” Zoran Tadic, TOMORROW’s conference program director, told the reporter.

Nenad Paunovic, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, opened the conference on the first day, pointing out that Serbia is well aware of this area and has started to regulate the cryptocurrency market. He invited those present to invest in Serbia, as it also protects intellectual property. Belgian investor and blockchain expert Bruno Ver pointed out that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the future as the value of money is falling, but there is a need for clear business and tax regulations. For the first time in Europe and the second time in the world, METAVERSE will host a panel entitled “Creator Economies and NFTs of the Future”, moderated by Vitomir Jevremovic, CEO of All Art and SolSea. He stood on stage with the VR headset on, the panelists around the world were shown as avatars and discussed the hot NFT topics while the audience watched it on the LED screens in real time.

The second day of the conference featured both interactive panel discussions and the Metaverse panels. Joel Dietz, Frank Fitzgerald, and Laura K. Inamedinova discussed “Where Will the Metaverse Take Us?” and what possibilities it opens up. Further discussions include expert opinions on the trends of merging the physical world with virtual reality and what implications this could have for the global community. Aleksandar Matanovic, crypto pioneer in Serbia and the founder of the local bitcoin exchange ECD, pointed out that paper money is going to be history and the reason isn’t just cryptocurrencies. The “Impact, Opportunity and Regulatory Considerations” panel attracted many visitors and discussed with Joel Dietz, David Bundi and the others how the Metaverse will impact generations to come. UNICEF launched the humanitarian action to collect Crypto donations to support the children of Ukraine. Any donation over USD 10 got an NFT made by the Zamurovic brothers. Workshops on the crypto laws and taxes in Serbia were held on separate stages.

On the last panel of the second day: “Can the Music Industry go to Metaverse Alltogether?” Dusan Kovacevic, founder and CEO of Exit, presented the Exit NFT collection created with DJ superstar Maceo Plex. Later that night, Maceo rocked the full party in downtown Belexpo.

There was also great interest from the public on the last day of the conference. Marko Suvajdzic, director assistant at Florida University, emphasized that when he researched blockchain as a subject, method and media, he concluded that the art world has also embarked on the journey of the technological revolution. “Until now, the blockchain technology has been adopted by the leaders in finance, computing, transportation, accounting, to bring efficiency, transparency and added value to their services,” he emphasized.

dr. Goran Segedinac /Headmade/ explained to visitors how to recognize a quality NFT project. “It may not be easy to detect the authors of the currently most valuable NFTs, but you can recognize the quality by four parameters: does the collection own its identity, does it create user experience, is the community involved in the project development, the project team delivers it product after minting and uses the financial resources for further development”, advised Segedinac.

Tether cryptocurrency founder Craig Sellars closed the conference at the end of the third day with his talk “Decentralize Yourself” on the digital identity of the future. Due to the great interest, the organizers opened the talk to double the audience. This blockchain philosopher, as he calls himself, is still proud of his cryptocurrency which is still stable and radiating. The human individual is still the most important in this area. “The value of an individual is the most important thing in the digital world. All other platforms want to own your data, but that’s not the case here. You own your information; and if someone asks for it, you can ask for it” – Sellars said.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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