Tinder’s latest update released the “Block Contacts” feature that aims to help people from “awkward run-ins” with previous partners or exes, and also the family members who are also in the app. Blocking exes and unwanted contacts has been a long-time request from people, especially those who want to use the dating platform lowkey. 

It sure would be awkward to see one’s divorced parents on social media and rediscovering their youth, and what more for dating app platforms where they are searching for new partners, right? This is way more embarrassing than running in with an ex-partner that ended in a bad breakup, and that ex still wanting to rekindle or fix the relationship. 

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Tinder Update: Block Exes, Unwanted Contacts from Appearing in Platform

Tinder Block Contacts

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Well, that would not be a problem anymore, especially with Tinder’s latest June 4 update that brought a new feature that would be extremely helpful for those wanting to express themselves on the platform. The feature called “Block Contacts” would not only hide one from selected contacts’ profiles but also keep them from being seen in one’s swipe cards. 

No more awkward discussions, run-ins and questions on why a person is using Tinder again, nor why are they that expressive on the platform, especially if the description says way too much about a user. Moreover, it would also help in keeping prying exes or friends away from one’s decisions to use the dating app. 

Additionally, Tinder said that it has anticipated the “Great Uncuffing” or breakups with internet love matches as the post-pandemic period is slowly coming this Summer. While this Gen Z phenomenon is something that is not wanted by Tinder, especially as it aims to build relationships, it also wants to retain people to use the platform amidst this era. 

Tinder’s Block Contact Update: How to Use It?

Tinder Block Contacts

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Recent Tinder updates have focused more on the user interface and user experiences of those who prefer the dating app, giving them a chance to control their dating life online, as much as they could in the real world. COVID-19 has surely changed the way people interact with each other, bringing vaccination proofs and preferred date setups in dating platforms in the list of its features. 

Users can freely use the Block Contacts feature via their profile settings, and this would help them remove selected contacts from their list to keep them off the swipe cards. 

  • Go to Profile > Profile Settings
  • Select “Block Contacts”
  • Choose these contacts from their phone’s Contacts list to take a note of their number and names
  • Save the Settings and use the app freely

What this does is that it prevents Tinder users from seeing known contacts and for them to be seen by these people, giving the user the freedom to use the app despite the “Great Uncuffing” period. It would also prevent people who would only download the application after the block, from seeing the user on the platform. 

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