It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? We spent most of the days locked into our homes, either too scared to go out or we’re not allowed to do so at all. As we watched the coronavirus pandemic evolve into this world-changing phenomenon that is haunting every city in the world and creating fears among people, we also realized how uncertain and short life really is.

In this year, more than ever, we were forced to look into ourselves and ask: Have we done enough? Have we achieved all the dreams we used to talk about in our prayers? Did we love enough and have we been loved enough? How much time do we have left to finally pursue the live we really want?

The list of questions can go and on.

As we look back to seek answers, we should also not deprive ourselves of the chance to have something to look forward to. Because no matter how tragic the past was and how bleak the future is, we deserve to remain hopeful.

We at Times24H wants to end 2020 and start 2021 in such way – full of hope, full of inspiration, full of learning. We asked our loyal readers about their 2020 reflections and their aspirations for 2021; here’s what they have to say.

2020 2021

Heyz Bual (Philippines)

This year made me realize nothing is permanent and that everything and everyone can change in a blink of an eye — and that we have to appreciate and live each day as if it’s our last.

My main goal for 2021 is to live a healthier life and lose the weight I gained this year

Va Sonyka (Cambodia)

2020 realization is that this year is life-history-year for all of us around the world. Despite the fear of pandemic infection, we surely found happiness with having more time with family and motivation from our beloved people.

Goal for 2021 is to spend time taking care of family and health. On top of that, trying to push work projects to be done smoothly after being paused by 2020 pandemic.

2020 2021
2020 2021

Ilijah Hermogenes (Philippines)

2020 has been hard on all of us. I may have lost loved ones and possessions but this year taught me a lesson that I am not in full control of my life. Things happen suddenly, unexpectedly.

After spending some time doing reflections of my 2020, I have also come up with things and aspirations for 2021. So for this coming new year is to find genuine happiness and push myself harder to achieve my dreams. On top of that to travel and be able to go home.

Ian Jacob (Philippines)

I have always anchored my life to the “Carpe Diem” motto which means to seize the day all the time. 2020 has made me realized how relevant it is… that life is indeed fleeting and that making every moment counts is paramount to the actualization of my dreams and for other people.

Financial stability! ❤ I’m hoping to at least reach at the foot of the mountain 👊

Bao Ngan (Vietnam)

What can I say? For me, 2020 isn’t really bad for me, personally. I changed my job. Yeah, I thought about it for a whole year still couldn’t make any decision. Then, I decided to quit and started to work on my personal projects and they keep growing well and that what I have been in love and thinking for a long time. Social distancing taught me a lot. I spent time with my family, and especially for myself. I work and see everything positively.

For the new year 2021, my goal is being more active and healthier. My projects will succeed. Hoping for the best!

Janelle Martin (Australia)

2020 has reminded me of the inevitability of change as well as the fragility of life and our earth. It has also shown us all the best and worst of humanity.

My goal for 2021 is to find a bit more balance in my life and to continue to relish in as much human connection as I can – especially with those dear to me.

Nobuyuki Arai (Japan)

2020 – A year at the mercy of Covid-19, had many loss. We couldn’t see any signs of the situation settling down and so, hard to plan something new to start. Like in the thick mist. Depression. Though, after a few months of Covid break out, I found the time to talk with me myself after 20 years of absence. That is what I couldn’t at the normal days. It reminds me my real voice. I started live minimal/simple little by little as what I really want. Far from SNS, re-examine my real relationships and etc.. That brings me bright light. It relief my stress which never leave from me more than 20 years and seems more clear what should I do for my life and what I want.

Next year, 2021, I will stay more true to myself, living as myself, as who I am. I think each people strongly live as like themselves, world would be more colorful and powerful. It could save people to survive this epidemic out, I believe.

Reno Tallada (Philippines)

2020 has impacted us in a sense that we can’t even begin to comprehend. It has been a year of reassessment- of life, people and perspectives. It is a year of great equalizer- it made us realize that we are more alike than we are not; that we are more connected than different. But most importantly, this year enables us to gauge who are “constant, real and for keeps”.

I believe there’s always a ray of sunshine depends where we look. I’m more than grateful to have me, my family and friends survived 2020. And I can only pray for 2021 to be a little kinder. I wish for 2021 to be a year of hope, restored optimism and a renewed zeal to take pragmatic actions towards things that really matter for humanity.

Tola Say (Cambodia)

2020 has made me realize that happiness is the core element of life. No matter what we do, small or big, we have to make sure that we stay with ourselves and enjoy every little precious moments we have. Also, share the happiness with people surrounding.

I don’t think I have any specific plans in 2021, but I know that I will do the right things and make it as best as I can no matter what it leads me to.


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