You feel like you’re ready to escape to a new location, but where? The possibilities are simply endless! From beautiful forests to exciting cities to magnificent mountains and oceans, for a luxurious vacation or a backpacking treat, where could you choose to start your next adventure? What best suits all your interests?

If you haven’t thought about it yet, let your imagination run wild in Vietnam as we travel through 5 reasons why this country and its people might steal your heart, curated by Luxury Travel Magazine.

1 – Vietnam gives you the best of everything

Ho Chi Minh City at night. Photo: Olivier Ochanine

With wild mountainous regions, modern cities, the lushest, greenest jungles and mile after mile of breathtaking coastline, geographically you couldn’t ask for much more than breathtaking Vietnam. If you like the thrill and excitement of a bustling cityscape, Da Nang and Hanoi have you covered with their wild nightlife. But if you’re more interested in Southeast Asia’s breathtakingly diverse wealth of wildlife, jewels like Ha Long Bay and Cat Tien National Park are just the beginning. The sheer amount of vibrant wildlife parks in this coastal country offers an abundance of opportunities for the explorer in you.

2 – Vietnam is conveniently located

Da Nang at night

If you need constant surprises and the potential for endless exploration, you won’t be disappointed in Vietnam. The country shares its borders with Laos, Cambodia and China while Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines are easy flights. With Vietnam as your base location, or the jumping off point to begin your exploration of Southeast Asia, the variety of tours and experiences available within a few hours’ drive is frankly mind-blowing. Boredom is simply impossible!

3 – Vietnam has a rich and beautiful culture.

The Hue Imperial Citadel (Dai Noi) in the central province of Thua Thien – Hue (Source: VNA)

Do you long for immersion in a fascinating new culture? Look no further than Vietnam as the country boasts one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia. Here, respect, honoring ancestors, family time and living in harmony with nature are some of the central principles underlying Vietnam’s beliefs. The country spent a period of about 1000 years under Chinese rule, which led to an interesting mix of traditions. Vietnamese people are optimistic and fun, friendly and hardworking. Why not take a look at 7 of the best English teaching jobs in Vietnam to see if you can start your adventure while still making money?

4 – Vietnamese food is incredible!

Hanoi at night. Photo: Olivier Ochanine

Have you enjoyed Vietnamese food in your hometown? In Vietnam, you can enjoy the delights of their fresh and spicy cuisine at a bargain price. Dishes like pho and banh mi are incredibly popular, readily available and delicious, while a sweet treat of banh troi (sweet rice balls) and Vietnamese coffee (made with sweetened condensed milk) will easily satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Unusual dishes such as chicken legs, worms and offal pot roast are an option if you want a taste of something off the beaten track.

5 – There will never be a dull moment in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay at night

You will be spoiled for choice! Vietnam’s very own New Year’s Eve festival, Tet’s merry mid-autumn festival, is just one of many traditional festivals, not to mention the wonderful array of modern culture and arts festivals that spring up in this country where American and European cultures converge with those of Vietnam and beyond. From visiting sacred Buddhist temples and pagodas, to sampling the vibrant nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City, to taking a diving or snorkeling trip on one of Vietnam’s inexhaustible beaches, this country will steal your heart and desire to more.

Source: Luxury travel magazine

Source: Vietnam Insider


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