Report from Ministry of Labour, Disabled and Social Affairs, Vietnam is one of the low unemployment countries. Accordingly, the employment rate in the market reached 68.7%, the unemployment rate was only 2.28% until now.

The Ministry of Labour, Disabled and Social Affairs website quoted Minister Dao Ngoc Dung as saying that Vietnam’s economy recovered six months faster than forecast by international organizations. Vietnam belongs to the group of countries with low unemployment.

In which the labor market reached 51.9 million people (an increase of 2.8 million people in the same period). The employment rate in the market reached 68.7% and the unemployment rate was only 2.28% so far. Compared to the US, the current unemployment rate is 3.5%.

Vocational education has undergone positive changes, both in scope and in quality. The percentage of apprentices and the professional skills of employees have improved significantly. The quality of the training is improved.

As a result, the percentage of employees working in suitable occupations has increased. Vietnamese workers participate in many management phases in FDI enterprises and take on many complicated positions and jobs previously responsible for foreign experts. Especially in the field of mechatronics, welding, telecommunications, oil and gas…

Minister Dao Ngoc Dung added that Vietnam won two silver medals for the first time in the world skills competition in Germany with nearly 100 countries participating. That is Vietnam’s best performance ever.

Last year, however, he also pointed to shortcomings in labor and vocational education, such as the lack of local labor in Vietnam. High-quality labor in particular leads to low labor productivity. Labor in the informal sector also accounts for a high share and labor mobility is still low. Although the results of poverty reduction in 2022 are close to the target, they are at the lowest level in recent years.

In addition, some government agencies still have problems recognizing middle and high school students in vocational schools. According to statistics, the whole country has 63 places of cultural vocational training, 625 vocational schools organize both vocational training and cultural studies, and more than 400,000 students attend such programmes. Both vocational training and cultural learning are established in accordance with the Education Act and have been applied by the Ministry of Education and Training for many years.

The stated aim is to access high quality training methods from developed economies such as Germany, Japan, Australia; and Vietnam will be on ASEAN 4 list for vocational training schools with international standards.

The orientation indicated is to implement dual training, apply the state mechanism and merge the students, any large-scale enterprise will be a training school. In addition, increasing the percentage of employees with certificates and diplomas, which will bring about a strong change in the quality of vocational training, especially vocational skills.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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