So far, more than 90% of lodging companies have been operating normally, but the number of new hires is just over 30,000 people.

Currently, the direct labor force of the tourist accommodation sector has not yet reached 400,000 people, satisfying more than 70% of the demand. In particular, the peak moments such as holidays, Tet and weekends are missing even more.

Information was given at the seminar “Guidance and solutions for training hotel staff to restore and develop Vietnam’s international tourism”, which was held in Ho Chi Minh City on August 9.

Representatives of tourism associations and companies said the entire industry had about 4 million employees before the epidemic, including 1.5 million direct workers, of which 45% were trained in tourism and 35%. educated in other specialisms, 20% are not educated.

Until now, more than 90% of lodging establishments were functioning normally, but the number of new employees is more than 30,000 people, many of whom are not fully trained.

Delegates said policies are needed to encourage human resource development and an expanded tourism labor market; improve the quality of the tourism profession; diversify forms of training; promote the socialization of the training.

According to experts, the country’s tourism industry is witnessing the largest “big recruit” ever, as many travel agencies, hotels, restaurants and service companies are aggressively seeking labor.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, after 4 months of opening, the entire industry has served 71.8 million domestic tourists, welcomed 733,400 international tourists, the total turnover of 316,000 billion VND. More than 90% of tourist accommodations in the country are back to normal operation. The number of international guests is expected to increase in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the current time.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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