The traditional market of Tam Tien, which supplies seafood for the southern region of Quang Nam Province, can be found right on the beach from 3 a.m. to sunrise. This place is full of primitive and rustic beauty at sunrise.

The traditional market of Tam Tien (Nui Thanh, Quang Nam) is located right on the beach and showcases its pristine and rustic beauty.

From Tam Ky city center, drive about 15 km to Tam Thanh beach, meet intersection, turn right about 7 km, visitors come to the market.

According to fishermen, Tam Tien used to be just a place for boats to dock. Later, when the number of fishing boats increased, traders also concentrated more to create a bustling market like now. Although it is a spontaneous fish market, it is still the biggest source of seafood for the Tam Ky area and southern Quang Nam province.

Fishermen usually sailed out around 3 p.m. the day before, until the next morning at 3 a.m. hundreds of boats docked with fish and shrimp full of compartments. Along with motor boats, basket boats are an effective means for people to bring fishing crates to shore.

Seafood is diverse here, almost all kinds are available, from alum, pompano, mullet, anchovy, tuna to halibut, scad and all kinds of shrimp, crab, squid …

The Tam Tien Beach Market has been held since it was still dark and very busy. In the distance the silhouettes of healthy fishermen paddled their boats hastily to the quay. On the sandy beach the atmosphere becomes more and more bustling, the footsteps are fast, the sound of greetings, the sound of goods pouring in, buyers and sellers chatting and laughing happily.

As fishing is mainly done on the coast, the seafood here is very fresh. Visitors to the fish market can immerse themselves in the rhythm of marine life, breathe in the salty air and buy fresh fish, shrimp and squid.

Grilled minced fish, grilled squid are ground on site with all natural and fresh rustic taste.

The Tam Tien Fish Market is only open in summer. This is the busy season of sea activities, many boats are going out to sea.

Behind the fish gathering place are small stalls with all kinds of breakfast items, fruitcakes and drinks for people going to the market. Visitors can buy a glass of green bean milk or a bowl of warm duck porridge while eating while observing the commercial activity on the beach is quite interesting.

The moment the sun rises, it creates a brilliant dawn, as the background for the image of the enthusiastic work of the people.

Fish containers are transported smoothly, twinkling in the sun in the footsteps of the women.

After 7 o’clock, the sun gradually rises, the market gradually melts, basket boats line up to “rest” on the sand.

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