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An unexpected controversy struck as the K-League, a professional football that opened after breaking through the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), entertained fans with various ideas in a non-audience game.

The suspicion has been raised that FC Seoul’s mannequin mobilized to fill the empty audience is not a’real doll’, an adult product modeled after a female body.

The situation in question took place in the second round of the K-League 1 (first division) match between FC Seoul and Gwangju FC held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the evening of the 17th.

In Seoul, the opening game of the league home, a player’s life-size, large banners, and flags were erected to create an atmosphere.

As the game started with no spectators, various means to replace the presence of fans have appeared in each stadium since the opening to fill the flat spectator seats, and Seoul has seated dozens of mannequins named’Real Mannequins’ in the home support seats.

This mannequin was built to create an atmosphere of a real person, and it was argued that it was a’real doll’ among fans who watched this mannequin through broadcasts and photos.

Among the cheering pickets with mannequins, the name of BJ, who became a real-doll company and model, supported this claim.

As the controversy showed signs of spreading, the Seoul club began to explain to reporters who visited the scene after the game.

“When the number of companies providing mannequins was insufficient, we provided them to the management company that managed BJ in the past and installed them, including the samples that were returned, but we couldn’t confirm that the picket remained.” The company officials also claimed that they were a company that made’premium mannequins’.

Even after the content was announced through the media, fans’ requests for direct explanations and apologies for explanations and apologies were struck, saying that the explanation was insufficient.

Seoul said, “It was confirmed from the beginning that the material was made like a real person, but it was completely unrelated to the adult products of concern. It was introduced by a company called A and was introduced as a product intended for clothing and fashion companies. It was confirmed that it is not an adult product,” he said.

However, “In the process of receiving the mannequin from company A to company B and installing it in the game, the name of B related to adult products and the name of a specific BJ managed by them were exposed.” The problem was that the company did not understand in detail. This point is our non-examination without excuses.”

The club apologized again for “regardless of the reason” and pledged to establish countermeasures and prevent recurrence, but it was difficult to avoid pointing out that there were insufficient confirmation and verification of mannequins that could be suspected of being real dolls from the outset.

As of the morning of the 18th, more than 300 comments from Wonsung were posted on the apology posted by the club on Instagram, such as,’Do you only talk about the support phrase because the mannequin itself is a problem?’ and’It makes sense that nobody felt anything strange before installing it.’ .

In this game, Seoul defeated Gwangju 1-0. (yunhap news)

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