Boba Fett is back at The Mandalorian and he is badder than ever!

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 is by far, to a lot of hardcore Star Wars fans, the most amazing episode ever.

This episode finally shows the one and the only Boba Fett in the spotlight. Boba returns and eventually helps Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) and Grogu (Baby Yoda) against Moff Gideon’s Stormtroopers and Dark troopers who end up taking Grogu.

This episode is too heavy to take in.

Ever since Disney and Lucasfilm relaunched Star Wars in 2015, fans have been wondering when Boba Fett would return. The de-canonized Expanded Universe materials featured Boba’s survival and took him on many adventures after.

For a time it appeared Boba Fett would be the star of his own movie as part of the A Star Wars Story spinoff initiative.

However, it seems like that movie never materialized and appeared to look even less likely of happening once The Mandalorian was announced. It was originally speculated that the titular character in the first live-action Star Wars series could be Boba Fett, but we now know that this isn’t the case.

Boba watched Mace Windu kill his father in Attack of the Clones. His quest for revenge and his journey to becoming a bounty hunter in his own right is portrayed in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Boba Fett (Lucasfilm)

About his embarrassing death in Return of the Jedi… here’s what is known about his escape from the Sarlacc pit.

In the Legends books that are no longer officially part of the Star Wars canon, Boba outsmarts the Sarlacc and triggers an explosion using his jetpack, allowing him to escape, though seriously injured.

It’s not totally unlikely!

Let’s not forget, the Sarlacc takes a thousand years to digest somebody. And as The Mandalorian has pointed out again and again, beskar, the material Mandalorian armor is made of, can withstand just about anything. Even in “Chapter 14,” Mando’s entire ship is disintegrated, but a beskar spear that was onboard is completely unharmed.

Now back to the present.

From this episode on, nobody will ever say Boba Fett was lame and that he died in the Sarlacc pit helpless.

So it begins… introduced through a hype-worthy Slave 1 entrance, Boba is at first methodical, just wanted his armor back. Boba trapped Mando in a standoff and he’s not alone, he’s accompanied none other than, Fennec Shand (who survived, thanks to Boba, in the last season).

Once Stormtroopers arrive, though, he goes full pelt, using a Tusken Raider gaffi stick to pummel the imps, shattering their armor with ease and killing them with unrestrained brutality.

The most celebrated, and emotional to some, moment comes when he steals his armor from the Razor Crest. Din Djarin never agreed to the deal Boba offered him, the green armor in exchange for Grogu’s safety.

So Djarin never gave Boba the armor back, he didn’t technically fulfill his end of the bargain. Boba found a way around the deal when he just took the armor. But when Grogu gets captured, Boba didn’t take the armor and run — even though he totally could!

Eventually, Djarin finds out that Boba is actually of Mandalorian heritage, he hands the armor that Boba is already wearing over. Then Boba says he vowed to keep the child safe in exchange for the armor, and now he’s all in.

Now. That’s. Rad.

After all that, it is expected that the rest of this season is going to be extremely exciting and about to get wild now that Boba and Mando seem to be teaming up. And with Ahsoka, Gideon is doomed!

TL;DR Boba is back — also a simple man who is trying to make his way in the universe. Just this time, it’s wilder and in badder ways!


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