Last month, a Barclays analyst reported that Apple may equip the iPhone 13 family with 6E Wi-Fi connectivity. Now the same analyst repeats this statement, but with more certainty.

This is good news for Broadcom, which is expected to provide the Wi-Fi modem for new iPhones, just as it did for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the first phone to support 6E.

Wi-Fi 6E uses a newly allocated frequency band (at 6 GHz), which will be a boon for those who live in apartments – a way to escape the crowded 5 GHz band. In addition, 6 GHz signals have difficulty passing through walls, which will further reduce interference from neighboring networks.

IPhone 13 Series Will Definitely Support Wi-Fi 6E, Says Barclays Analyst

The new standard promises a higher bandwidth with seven 160 MHz channels (or fourteen 80 MHz). Latency will also be lower, which will improve wireless screen sharing (and streaming games from a computer or console).

Apple was one of the first to support Wi-Fi 6, starting with the iPhone 11 generation. The 13 series is expected in September.


Source: GSMArena


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