Yunnan is a province in southwestern China, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. It is an important gateway from China to South and Southeast Asian countries. With the completion of the China-Laos Railway, the China-Thailand Railway, the China-Singapore Railway, the China-Myanmar Railway and the China-Vietnam Railway are all in the planning and construction process. There is no doubt that Yunnan will become the central connection point between China and South and Southeast Asia.

In order to attract global talents and companies to come to Yunnan, the Yunnan provincial government organizes the First Yunnan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (YIIEC). The fund that can be received from the Competition is up to 400k RMB. Apart from the financing reward, the government also provides a range of policy support including financing, land, offices, industrial resources, personnel and work permits, etc.

The competition is jointly organized by the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Yunnan Provincial Education Department, the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the People’s Government of Yunnan and the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and other relevant departments. . The competition is run by Yunnan Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation.

Yunnan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (YIIEC) is designed to provide a competition platform with practical incubation benefits for international innovators and entrepreneurs. The competition is open to projects from industry: such as biomedicine, new energy sources, new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, information and technology, green and environmental protection, agriculture, as well as cultural tourism and health care, etc.

This competition is divided into two categories: South and Southeast Asia Competition and Returned Overseas Chinese Competition. The main competition area is in Yunnan. The preliminary competition and the final competition will be held in Kunming and will be held online and offline. International teams can present their projects and ideas online.

Award-winning companies (teams) receive corresponding policy support and financial support. There is no charge for participants in this competition. Entrants can register online through the official competition website ( The closing date for the competition is August 5, 2022.

YIIEC will be a great opportunity for companies and teams to present themselves to China, South and Southeast Asia. The competition’s judging panel will be comprised of investors and industry experts. All companies and teams participating in the competition will receive an incubation service.

Company: Yunnan International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (YIIEC)

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