Long An is the first province to open its doors to restore manufacturing and business, attract investment and develop the economy right after effectively bringing the epidemic under control. The Provincial People’s Committee has also issued temporary rules allowing F0 and F1 cases to work.

According to Long An Province’s website, the People’s Committee of Long An Province has issued temporary regulations that F0 and F1 cases that are isolated can work to perform important and urgent tasks.

This decision aims to continue to effectively implement measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic and to move to the state of “Secure adaptation, flexibility, effective control of the Covid-19” according to Government Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP.

Employees work voluntarily and must be authorized by the head of the organization or their immediate supervisor.

According to the assessment of the province, production and business sites, enterprises and enterprises in the area have a labor shortage, if they are not replenished in time, they will not be able to complete the partner supply contracts on time.

In urgent cases of human resources without timely recruitment, the company is allowed to use employees who are F0 (asymptomatic), F1 is in quarantine to work.

Use of this workforce must be based on the voluntary spirit of the employees, with the approval of the business owner and under the direction of the district or municipal health center.

F0, F1, when going to work, can travel directly from the isolated place to the pre-arranged work area with a personal vehicle and vice versa. Everyone should follow the instructions of the district or municipality health center, avoid contact with people nearby to ensure the safety regulations for the prevention of Covid-19.

The fact that Long An Province continues to assess and evaluate the epidemic situation in the area and make flexible adjustments will create the conditions to maintain stable production activities and create maximum conditions for companies to recover after the epidemic.

Companies and employees are not required to perform a rapid Covid-19 test

Also on March 9, the board of directors of Long An Economic Zone, Department of Health, Provincial Public Security, People’s Committee of Can Duoc District met with the leaders of Cau Tram (IZ) Industrial Park to request the rapid tests with new workers and drivers from other places.

Faced with the situation where companies indicate that the Industrial Park (IZ) still requires rapid Covid-19 test for outsiders, Mr. Nguyen Van Ut, chairman of Long An Provincial People’s Committee, has requested that the rapid test be stopped immediately in order to create conditions for companies to develop and find employees.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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