A European ban on Russian flights could be part of newer sanctions, an EU official said.

In recent days, several European countries have already banned some or all of the Russian airlines from their airspace. These include Estonia, Romania, Poland, Moldova and the Czech Republic, Reuters reported.

On Friday, a flight tracking map showed that the skies over Ukraine were empty when Russia invaded Ukraine.

In her opening speech at a conference on Thursday, EU President Ursula von der Leyen said EU leaders were in full agreement in condemning the “appalling and unprovoked attacks”.

###: “We endured and successfully repulsed enemy attacks. The fighting continues,” Ukrainian president said

Referring to the sanctions approved by the bloc, she said: “We are banning the sale of all aircraft, spare parts and equipment to Russian airlines. This will affect the most important sector of the Russian economy and the country’s connectivity.”

She added: “Three-quarters of Russia’s current commercial air fleet is built in the European Union, the US and Canada. And they are very dependent on that.”

According to the Reuters source, newer sanctions against Moscow could be discussed with all EU foreign ministers on Sunday.

Western allies announced a series of restrictive measures against Russia on Saturday.

By Sam Tabahritic

Source: Vietnam Insider


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