Da Nang .’s Compact Urban Development Strategy

According to the “Da Nang urban planning project for 2021-2030, with a vision until 2050”, the city has decided to develop a “compressed city” towards smart, creative and sustainable, to maximize privacy. housing and economic activities on part of the territory, improving the efficiency of land use.

Many experts believe that the purpose of this planning is to develop Da Nang into a livable city to attract the intelligentsia with financial potential to settle, invest in business, and travel and take refuge.

Why are luxury apartments the trend of Da Nang real estate?  - Photo 1.

Da Nang is developing towards a smart compact city

Therefore, the place is expected to be ready to receive knowledge, human resources, experts and high-tech workers up to millions of people, both national and international, to settle for a long time. This growth forecast explains why apartment transactions in Da Nang have recently shown signs of increasing heat despite the impact of the epidemic, especially in the higher end apartment segment. †

Not out of the market trend, The Sang Residence, a luxury apartment project on My Khe Beach – one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world, has just been launched and has attracted a lot of attention from both investors and investors. civilized inhabitants of the city. The project is known to be located right in the center of Da Nang, next to the “billion dollar” Vo Nguyen Giap resort road, which connects the world-class 5-star resorts. With the orientation of creating a fresh living space in the midst of green nature, The Sang Residence provides an open view from above, a panoramic view of the sea – river – mountain, bringing rare wonderful emotions to its owner. †

The Sang Residence is loved and chosen not only for its prime location but also for its transparent legal benefits, which pink books provide for the long term, providing the foundation for investors to place their full trust. Unlike other apartments on the market, The Sang Residence pioneers in creating a “resort-living” lifestyle, also known as “home vacation”, integrating high-quality external facilities with a system of internal amenities. Smart “all-in-one”: 5-star lobby, infinity pool, luxury restaurant, coffee area, kindergarten, smart 2-storey car park, gym, spa, skypark…

The Sang Residence ensures rapid construction progress

From the start of construction in July 2021 until now, the construction site of the first-class apartment complex The Sang Residence has been working day and night to hand over products to investors punctually. To bring the project to the finish line within the agreed time, The Sang Residence always uses a fast building style with 3 shifts/day, 5-6 days/floor. With the participation of more than 200 officials and employees on the construction site, the building has reached the 14th floor so far, bringing an overwhelming change to the green beach of My Khe. Entering the second quarter of 2022, The Sang Residence is maintaining the construction schedule as promised and is expected to complete the rough part by the beginning of the third quarter of 2022 to hand the house over to its prospective owners in the second quarter of 2022. 2022. II/2023.

Why are luxury apartments the trend of Da Nang real estate?  - Photo 2.

The Sang Residence has reached the 14th floor

To meet the exacting standards of world-class apartments, investor The Sang Residence strives to achieve the dual purpose of promoting high-speed construction and ensuring build quality. Different from ordinary apartment projects, The Sang Residence applies today’s most advanced Semi-Topdown technology to the foundation and basement construction. This is a technique that developed countries around the world adopt, which allows the building to bear the load of the topsoil, lower the center of gravity and make the building more resistant to the lateral force of wind, storm and earthquake. For the body of the building, the project adopts modern construction techniques with aluminum formwork, which gives the best quality concrete surface and helps to raise floors quickly.

According to information from Vietnam Smart Urban Joint Stock Company (Viet Nam Smart City, a member of Dat Xanh Mien Trung), the project distributor, The Sang Residence convinces investors not only because of its expensive location on My Khe beach, but also because of the excellent build quality and material system. Unlike other apartments in the area, The Sang Residence pioneers the use of energy-saving materials. The entire facade features a high-quality aluminum and glass cabinet system, with a low-E coating that exceeds the standard – 24mm, which effectively insulates noise, blocks harmful UV rays and regulates room temperature.

Along with advanced technology, many world-famous brands have been rigorously selected, such as Mitsubishi elevators, interior equipment Bosch, Hafele, American Standard, Ariston … Oriented to create high-quality apartment models. Internationally, The Sang Residence has the aesthetic beauty of a trendy and luxurious 5-star hotel, which is expected to become a beautiful architectural symbol on the coast of Da Nang.

The project has many reasons for investors to fully believe that this will be a real breakthrough product, help realize Da Nang’s development strategy to become a smart livable city, and continue to play a leading role in the development of the central economic key region in the future.

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