The 46th president of The United States is Joe Biden after he defeated Donald Trump, the current president. What a win for the Democrat!

Joe Biden will take after the presidential chair officially which will position him to lead the nation through historic pandemic, confluence of economic, and the social turmoil. The mission and challenge for the 46th president of the U.S. will be enormous.

The counting process has been delayed since there was a huge amount of in-mail votes. Although Biden earlier claimed his victory in important battlegrounds such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, the democrat has to wait for the final result. From the beginning of election, Biden led Trump by an impressive number of votes.

In most of his speeches, Biden convinced voters that he would be a good leader of the U.S.

“We have to remember the purpose of our politics isn’t total unrelenting, unending warfare,” Biden said Friday night in Delaware. “No, the purpose of our politics, the work of our nation, isn’t to fan the flames of conflict, but to solve problems, to guarantee justice, to give everybody a fair shot.”

Despite of a big victory, Biden will have a huge number of tasks to accomplish after taking the presidential position.

US election: Trump, Biden project confidence as first polls close
Biden won the election.

More than 236,000 American died because of covid-19, nearly 10 million people infected by the pandemic, and millions of work have been lost. Dealing with the global pandemic and solving the effect of economical crisis will be the challenging mission for Biden.

The 77-year-old president overcame Donald Trump in the election, but how can he overturn the issues? Biden will answer these things in the next 4 years.

Before becoming the 46th president, Biden was the youngest candidates ever elected to the Senate. However, Biden’s wife and daughter were killed before he took the office. His two sons also passed away in a tragic accident in 1972.

Throughout his political career, Biden also made some mistakes. He signed on the 1994’s Crime Bill and the agreement for Iraq War 2003. Despite of these scandals, Biden was an important part of the White House in 2008 when he became the vice president.  The former vice president now will take after the White House. His challenge is tedious, but hopefully, Biden could fulfill his role as the president.

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