Every investment has a certain risk. Foreigners interested in buying real estate in Vietnam should be aware of the following concerns.

Top 4 Risks of Buying in Vietnam

Missing legal requirements for a home sale

The law in Vietnam states that property developers are not allowed to offer houses to buyers. Property developers must first achieve minimum standards such as project completion, off-plan sales agreement approval, and financial arrangements before selling a home to customers off-plan.

Therefore, make sure to check that a property developer has met all the pre-requisites before purchasing any real estate in Vietnam.

It is not easy to get the pink book as a foreigner

When going through a real estate purchase process in Vietnam, you need to understand the many acceptable conditions for real estate acquisition and ‘pink book’ award. Buying real estate in Vietnam is easy, but getting the pink book as a foreign buyer is considerably more difficult.

The Red Book and the Pink Book are nicknames for two major real estate papers published in Vietnam. The red book was a certificate of land use rights issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The pink book was a document issued by the Ministry of Construction that listed the rights to ownership of real estate or development/construction activities.

Confusing Property Features

Property developers may not be able to clearly explain the use of their properties, leading to confusion among international buyers or investors. Some property developers even provide customers with false information about the owners.

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When the new buyer does not have the pink book, the sales and purchase contract is assigned.

Foreign real estate buyers can face significant hurdles in the process if the pink book is not released on time. Before assigning the purchase and sale agreement to the new buyer, make sure that the property developer applies for the pink book.

Stay alert to the risks of purchases

Buying property in Vietnam as a foreigner is not an easy task. Apart from these common risks, you have to go through a long and complicated process before owning it.

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Source: Vietnam Insider


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