Tesla Sentry Mode actually offers a feature that allows you to turn your voice into the sound of Darth Vader. You can use this capability to get the attention of those around your car easier.

The Twitter user Dezmond Oliver posted a video to allow Tesla consumers to know how Sentry Mode actually sounds like.

Tesla Sentry Mode's Darth Vader Feature Arrives! Warn People Near Your EV With the 'Star Wars' Character's Voice

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Tesla electric-powered sedan stands at a Tesla charging staiton at a highway reststop along the A7 highway on June 11, 2015 near Rieden, Germany. Tesla has introduced a limited network of charging stations along the German highway grid in an effort to raise the viability for consumers to use the cars for longer journeys.

“Here is an example of the new @Tesla sentry mode app feature. It changes your voice too. I can’t wait to talk to people as they walk by! Thank you @elonmusk!” captioned the Tesla driver, who is also a fan of SpaceX.

Based on the footage, the sound of Tesla Sentry Mode is also similar to the ones produced by the Autobots or Decepticons, the robotic characters in the popular movie “Transformers.”

Tesla Sentry Mode’s New Darth Vader Feature

Oliver’s Twitter post showing how Sentry Mode works attracted a lot of commentators. One of the individuals in the comment section asked him how did he get the new feature.


Tesla Sentry Mode's Darth Vader Feature Arrives! Warn People Near Your EV With the 'Star Wars' Character's Voice

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A general view of the Tesla Assembly plant building which also does vehicle delivery and has a service centre, on March 29, 2021 in Tilburg, Netherlands. In mid-March, a Dutch online news site reported that the Tilburg plant, which assembles the Tesla Model S and Model X, will cease work due to changes in the production process, jeopardizing around 100 jobs. The company is reportedly in talks with its works council to find new roles for the affected workers.

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The Twitter user added that there’s no update on his Tesla app. Dezmond explained that consumers need to update their Tesla app to its latest 4.2.2 version manually. On the other hand, the viral Tesla driver added that users also need to have the EV software update 2021.36.8.

Aside from the latest software update and the 4.2.2 version of Tesla’s app on iOS and Android, Tesla Oracle reported that consumers also need to have Premium Connectivity if they want to take advantage of the new voice adjustment feature.

The new Sentry Mode feature is not the latest product that Elon Musk has released. Recently, we reported that Tesla FSD will have its upgrade for the neural network.

On the other hand, the billionaire is also expected to build the first Canadian-branded Tesla battery factory.

Why the New Sentry Mode Darth Vader Is Useful

Inside EVs stated that the new Sentry Mode feature allows you to access your car’s verbal warnings using an unusual voice.

This would quickly get the attention of potential vandals near your vehicle. On the other hand, you can also scare kids playing near your EV.

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