The Tesla Optimus, Elon Musk’s most anticipated humanoid bot, might just be a great gift for older adults.

Tesla Optimus as a gift for old people?  Elon Musk talks about humanoid bot

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Tesla Optimus as a gift for old people? Elon Musk talks about humanoid bot

This is a lot like some sci-fi movies, where grandmothers and grandfathers have robots as their personal home assistants.

As companies launch new technologies that can make people’s lives easier, there’s a good chance that humans will one day have to coexist with machines.

Here’s what the famed tech CEO shared after being interviewed by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).

Tesla Optimus as a gift for old people?

According to Electrek’s latest report, CAC invited the billionaire to write an entire section in the internet regulator’s official magazine.

Since Elon and China are on good terms when it comes to tech collaborations, the SpaceX boss decided to agree to the offer.

He wrote the column “Believe in Technology for a Better Future” in the publication of CAC. This section focuses on the upcoming humanoid robot from the giant EV maker.

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“Tesla Bots are initially positioned to replace humans in repetitive, boring and dangerous tasks.

But the vision is that they serve millions of households, such as cooking, lawn mowing and elderly care,” Musk said.

He added that this could be achieved if the Optimus bots are smart enough to evolve, allowing Tesla and other partner companies to mass-produce the humanoid machines.

At the time of writing, the billionaire has not yet launched the official Tesla Optimus prototype. But he said the first would be unveiled before the end of 2022.

Tesla Optimus launch date, other details

Life Wire reported that the new Tesla Optimus machine is expected to be launched by the EV maker around September. Some rumors claim that the arrival of the prototype will be September 30th specifically.

But this will still depend on what issues the automaker may face during the time interval. When it comes to price, critics still haven’t shared their cost predictions for the humanoid machine.

However, some of them believe that one unit will cost thousands of dollars. This will still depend on Tesla Optimus will have different variants.

You can visit this link to learn more about the upcoming Tesla Optimus machine.

While people were waiting for the arrival of Tesla’s bot, the new Xiaomi CyberOne robot arrived.

Meanwhile, some scientists have created creepy dead spider robots called “Necrobots.”

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