The Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.2 is rolling out today and will provide an additional feature for all users that is more focused on noticing pedestrians on the road as part of the safety feature. Tesla’s autonomous driving system aims to provide a full experience for those who already have the feature available, especially with 10.69.2 as a limited release for various users.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 releases for more users today

Tesla FSD Beta Button Rolls Out After Multiple Delays Amid NTSB Raising Safety Concerns

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Elon Musk announced to the world that today the official Tesla FSD beta v10.69.2 is coming for more users to update and use during their travels or traveling through the city or country roads. It aims to provide more safety features for everyone, and it focuses on a better driving experience that promotes a hands-free experience without worries.

The feature has been expected by beta users in the system for several weeks now, since Musk’s promise of expanding with the recently upgraded version of the system.

A lot of expectations are being raised with the beta version 10.69.2 and users who are part of the expanded feature will see what the Tesla team has been working on since its first release last month. The beta release notes are now also available.

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Elon Musk says it should be more careful around Peds

In Musk’s tweet, he said people should expect it to be “too cautious” around pedestrians and other cars the system detects on roads. There is a video of a Twitter user who shared how the FSD Beta v10.69.2 would work in case a pedestrian is seen walking or crossing the road, and in this case a person going to the driver’s side of the car which is on the side of the road. It showed that the feature would stop and prioritize letting pedestrians cross or get to where they are before continuing their ride.

Features of Tesla FSD 10.69

By the end of August, Elon Musk and the Tesla team promised that the Full-Self Driving beta version 10.69.2 will be rolled out to more users who have applied the system. However, it saw some minor delays in the timeline that the tech CEO initially promised for its users and came out of the original schedule a week later.

The slight delay for the feature came less than seven days later, and it’s a good way to start the week with the new version coming for many to try out.

It is the most advanced beta version of Tesla FSD available, bringing more autonomous driving features to the company, which focuses on greater integration on both the public streets and highways in the country.

In addition, it allows for better unprotected left-hand maneuvering, as well as significant road mapping, not to mention the improved pedestrian detection system.

The Tesla FSD beta is intended to offer more of the system’s offerings that will help users in their day-to-day driving, with fewer worries about the AI ​​making decisions on the road and interfering with human drivers of other vehicles. The better system of the electric car now aims to provide an improved safety feature that protects not only the people inside the car, but also those walking or crossing the road outside the car.

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