Tesla FSD v. 9.0 is coming for its limited public beta release date for all current users of the technology within two weeks, as promised yet again by the CEO in his tweets, where he revealed the new display for the tech. Elon Musk has revealed that the new display for the autonomous driving feature would have the “True Mind’s Eye” of the neural net, which would bring more comprehensive information for it.

The FSD Beta Button release was said to be coming this July and that subscriptions would be up by May for interested applicants and users of the technology, as Tesla moves forward with its driverless feature. But before any releases, most companies like Tesla are looking into a beta release for it, and there would be an FSD v. 9.0 beta.

Tesla has been the center of the past few week’s discussion, particularly with the safety and features of its latest technology which has led to an accident that claimed the life of two passengers.

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Tesla FSD v. 9.0 Beta Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

Tesla FSD Vector Renders

(Photo : Kim Paquette via Twitter @kimpaquette)

The most important thing that is coming with this development is Elon Musk’s announcement that the world is yet again, another step closer to getting its hands on the Full-Self Driving feature. To be more exact, the FSD version 9.0 is coming for a beta release for its testers and current users of the feature, which we’re fortunate enough to be given the beta button.

According to Musk via Twitter (@elonmusk), Tesla’s FSD v.9.0 would be in the beta version on the first release for testers and users, who would examine and try the tech to determine how it could be further improved. While version 9.0 was promised to be one of the best versions there is, the team is still coming to the consensus that it needs to “test the waters.”

Musk also said in another tweet that Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD are both “superhuman” in the highway driving situation, and “swiftly” getting to the standards of adapting to street situations. This means that the FSD is coming soon with its full release after it has undergone the proper road and safety tests, hence the long wait for July.

Tesla FSD Probability Vector: True Mind’s Eye of the Neural Net

Tesla said that the FSD v. 9.0 will “blow your mind,” and he meant that because of the technology it brings, particularly with the new display that would factor in a probability vector for people to see. The real-time computation of the FSD will be shown when it is being used, and it has improved from lines to a vector render of the tech.

Musk teases this by saying that it would show the “true mind’s eye of the neural net,” claiming that the FSD will explicitly detail its function and how it works for the electric vehicle’s continuous AI and computation. Tesla’s FSD is part of the “real-world” AI that is aiming to perform an autonomous function, fulfilled by the technology and elements around it.


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