Tesla is releasing another update to its FSD Beta, with version 10.12 having already released the release notes to the public. The update points to new features coming to the FSD, and it’s a long list of features for the clean energy vehicles, with Elon Musk saying it’s a big update to the car’s autonomous driving system.

There is also an Early Access program for select users with a high score on their driving scores, who will get the first updates of the new release.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 Release Notes are here; What are they?

Faster development of Panasonic 4680 EV batteries, now spurred on by Tesla!  Demand from car manufacturer is increasing

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On November 5, 2013, in Palo Alto, California, a sign was placed in a Tesla showroom. Tesla will report third quarter results after the closing bell today.

Whole Mars Catalog has released the first screenshots of the Tesla FSD Beta 10.12 release notes on Twitter, and it shows a comprehensive list of the upcoming features for the drivers with the feature. These are legit photos as they are from the online blogger’s Tesla vehicle, and they’ve also received confirmation from Musk.

It focuses on the many updates the company will bring to the public, including the system’s decision-making framework, more accurate lane geometry, higher occlusion detection, fewer awkward turns and more.

Musk said this is a “greatand it brings a “two steps forward, one step back” situation for the position.

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Tesla FSD Beta Early Access Program: What Is It?

In the screenshots, Whole Mars Catalog included a photo of an “Early Access Program” of the company, and it focuses on Tesla’s many offerings to its users. It’s important to note, however, that it will be limited to the 99-100 EV rated drivers, and it would come first to those with a high rating.

The rest of the world will have it later in the year.

Tesla’s innovations

In early May, Elon Musk talked about the next update to the Tesla FSD Beta for the public to enjoy, and it was version 10.12 that he revealed to the public. Musk said the company is preparing for the new version before it is released to the public, during which time the company was debugging the issues and preparing for release.

Beta 10.12 is not yet in its full release, as it would first appear to select users, before it will be available to all users later in the year. There have been many reports of the full version of the Tesla FSD this year, and it’s something the company’s CEO revealed would be coming in 2022, but with no specific dates.

Now, the world will soon see the company’s FSD Beta 10.12 release for the first time, with the many expected features already available in the release notes. The company’s next major update is coming and the public will experience the autonomous driving features coming soon, closer to the full version.

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