Tesla’s 4680 electric vehicle batteries are on their way, but it won’t go into production until March 2024, with Panasonic leading the way in the new energy cells. The batteries will be twice the size of current Tesla batteries, with a capacity five times the size of old models, meaning a massive upgrade to the EV’s battery.

Tesla 4680 batteries: Panasonic to start production by 2024

Tesla 4680 Battery

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Tesla 4680 Battery

Panasonic previously announced that it aims to begin production of the 4680 batteries for Tesla, to begin before the end of March 2024. According to Reuters, the company will then start production at its Wakayama plant in Japan, where it will have two production lines that will build the batteries.

The Tesla 4680 battery stands for 46 millimeters wide and 80 millimeters high (hence the 4680), which is significantly larger than the previous batteries of the EVs. Panasonic’s new batteries will bring a higher capacity, but the company hasn’t revealed its specs yet but got more for the EVs.

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Panasonic’s 4680 batteries for Tesla: higher capacity

Nikkei Asia’s report said Panasonic is going all-in on battery production for Tesla, and it will still be Lithium-Ion branded, at 10 to 20 percent less than the need to carry regular batteries now. Tesla’s EV batteries are up for an upgrade, but the timeline remains unknown from Panasonic.

The company invested a whopping $694 million for the factory to center production of the 4680 batteries.

Tesla’s 4680 batteries

There were many ventures with Tesla’s new battery cells from the various partner companies for this matter. The company is focused on introducing new energy cells into its clean energy vehicles that aim to achieve greater range and performance to perform its functions, as the electric vehicles rely heavily on battery power for their mobility.

Reports indicated that Panasonic will start battery production for Tesla by 2021, and the latest announcement was the company’s Battery Day 2020. The Japanese multinational corporation is fulfilling Tesla’s dreams for a sufficiently sized battery that will fit well on EVs, something the Model Y will one day carry.

However, there were reports that LG will produce the 4680 cells, but will start for the US and European regions by 2023.

The partnership between Tesla and Panasonic continues to produce the 4680 cells or the high-capacity batteries, which Elon Musk highly praises for some of the Battery Days. The only dilemma now is the wait that will befall the company and its fans regarding the new cells that will go into production by 2024 and the delivery of which will follow later.

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