Tech Times Weekly Recap: April 25 to May 1
(Photo : Tech Times) Tech Times Trending Topics: ‘Animal Crossing’ May Day 2021, New CIA Malware, AT&T Rolls Out 19,000 Delta Air Lines, & Elon Musk Answers Question Why Rockets Should Be Bigger

Maybe some of you are busy last week, and missed the trending stories. Don’t worry, as we picked some of the most trending topics last week!

Are you still playing “Animal Crossing?” May Day 2021 event may bring excitement to you as it comes with fun challenges. Last week, Tech Times shared the guide on how to complete the Maze and Island Tour in New Horizons.

Before May arrived, the game had been updated before and released its festivities on Apr. 29.

An alleged malware believed developed by US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been spotted from “a collection of malware samples” studied since February 2019.

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky was the one who discovered the malware. It claims that it shared similarities with past CIA malware “prompting them to track its activity and gave it the codename, Purple Lambert.”

AT&T has just recently announced it will equip all 19,000 Delta Air Lines flight attendants with iPhone 12 devices in order for the employees to use AT&T’s 5G network and improve the overall travel experience. The Delta flight attendants will all use the network’s augmented reality through the phones.

Elon Musk answered why rockets should be bigger by sharing an article in a tweet. In an article, a group of US and European space agency experts attended a particular week-long exercise led by NASA. The exercise discussed a hypothetical scenario involving an asteroid that was 35 million miles away. However, there’s a possibility it could hit Earth within just six months.

The participants studied the asteroid’s size, trajectory, and even how big was the chance of impact. 

Although no asteroids show threat currently, NASA and other agencies are attempting to prepare for this possible situation because asteroids estimated size is 460 feet or even bigger. 

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