T-Mobile is giving the public a chance to test out their 5G internet services at home, and the venture is available for free for up to 15 days after receiving the device. After the trial period, users can choose to cancel their trial period and return the device to the telecommunications company, or they can continue their subscription and switch to the new connection.

T-Mobile brings its 5G internet home for a free trial

T-Mobile said “internet freedom” with its 5G connections, especially for the one that offers it at home, for its subscribers. The company launched the 5G internet for everyone at home. Still, it has only just now launched its free trials, available to interested subscribers who will change their internet connections to the latest mobile data standard.

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Users can apply for this program and see if their home location is eligible for 5G internet. That’s not all T-Mobile has to offer, though.

Aside from the free trial, users can take advantage of the $500 termination fee from their current or existing ISP if they switch to 5G from T-Mobile at home while using the free trial.

In addition, users can have the plan for $50 per month and have it cheaper at $30 if they have a Magenta Max family plan similar to a deal from Verizon (according to The Verge).

Users can return the device within those 15 days and have the free trial period as long as they produce the internet device. It is also a hassle-free installation as it is a data receiver and not a terrestrial connection to install.

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How to use T-Mobile’s free 5G Internet trial?

Users can take advantage of the free trial version of T-Mobile 5G internet at home through the company’s website. They just need to make sure their mobile number and area are eligible for the service, as not all locations are available for the internet service.

5G and the future of the internet

The new connection launched years ago is the new standard in data internet for mobile and even home, especially with the integration of 5G with most smartphones and even internet modems. T-Mobile is one of the fastest internet providers in the country, especially with Ookla’s Q1 2022 report of US connection speeds.

Home Fiber is now an old technology for the Internet. Despite being a secure terrestrial connection that delivers tremendous speeds, users can now enjoy the benefits of 5G at home. However, it is essential to note that 5G connects to signal towers and cellular connections rather than a landline, so it may not be as stable as the former.

Nevertheless, the 5G enterprise is a good connection for everyone, and it is currently the fastest mobile connection in the world. The transition to 5G is only just beginning, but it already offers promising speeds for everyone, with huge download and upload speeds that have never been seen before.

The latency also improved with 5G as it provides significant cellular connectivity that companies like T-Mobile offer at home.

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