Spotify believes that the title for the best US podcast platform is now on them. The music streaming company claims that it has already surpassed Apple in terms of its service.

Spotify is Close to Becoming Top Podcasting Platform

Spotify Claims it Surpasses Apple as Top Podcast Provider in the US

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Spotify said that it is close to surpassing Apple in the US in terms of podcast service. Here’s what the CEO thinks about this report.

According to a report by 9to5Mac on Wednesday, Oct.27, the firm said that Spotify is now on a transition to overtake the Cupertino company as the best podcasting option globally.

During the third-quarter earnings calls, the internal metrics of Spotify revealed that the usage volume of the app has contributed to the said results. 

However, the company has not yet disclosed the total number of downloads in line with its claims. 

Investment research firm Edison Research has surveyed more than 8,000 podcast listeners for a few weeks. On the Podcast Consumer Tracker for the second quarter, the company was able to question a few consumers about their listening habits.

According to the data from Edison Research, 24% of the listeners reported that they are listening to Spotify. Only 21% access Apple Podcasts. 18% of the listeners used to hear YouTube podcasts.

“We started our journey three years ago in podcasting with a catalog of about 185,000 podcasts. And we were really nowhere, compared to the largest players in the industry. Today, we have 3.2 million podcasts on the platform, a growth rate of over 1,500%,” Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced.

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The Reason Behind Spotify’s Supremacy

Ek said that the improved features of the streaming app had pushed it to become the top 1 podcast provider soon. Moreover, the CEO added that the polling capabilities of the platform have also contributed to its dominance in the podcast industry, Apple Insider reported on Thursday, Oct.28.

Ek told TechCrunch that they are doing their best to garner more listeners to their app. There are many reasons why they succeed in overtaking Apple in the first place.

For the past months, Spotify has been focused on bringing enhancements and tools for podcast creators and listeners. Additionally, its paid subscriptions appear to be a more user-friendly price compared to what Apple offers on its Podcasts service.

The recent quarter showed that 381 million active users visited the platform per month. 172 million of them have purchased the premium subscription.

The third quarter for Spotify has recorded an all-time high in terms of listening hours in the podcasts. 

Last month, eMarketer accurately predicted that the music streaming titan could surpass what Apple Podcasts did.

Following many issues about the bugs in Apple Podcasts, it’s most likely that consumers prefer a service that is free from glitches and system problems.

Bad Blood Between Apple and Spotify

In April, Tech Times reported that Spotify accused the iPhone maker of gatekeeping the App Store. During the antitrust hearing, the former called out the Cupertino giant about its “abusive power grab” on its service.

The case also tackled the $9.99 pricing in Apple Music which was reportedly preventing Spotify from gaining a profit.

In other news, PlayStation 5 users could now access Apple’s streaming app according to Sony’s recent announcement. 

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