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SpaceCasts feed is the latest platform that aims to help creators with monetization issues on social media audios such as Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.  

A group of tech-focused hosts is launching a shared podcast feed that will round up the many social audio chats they have started, with plans to run ads across the collected feed.

SpaceCast Podcast Feed

The group is led by Techmeme Ride Home host Brian McCullough, Big Technology newsletter editor Alex Kantrowitz, and product designer Chris Messina.

The group will share a podcast feed where they can publish audio that they have recorded live across various social audio platforms, like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse, and that feed, which is already live but has not been publicly announced, is called SpaceCasts.

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Anyone will participate can publish their live audio on the podcast feed and profit from whatever ad sales are made in there.

The team stated that anyone can apply to participate and say people can get in touch through their Ride Home website. They also stated that they will ask all live room participants to say that they are okay with being recorded to make sure that there is consent.

The big idea is that this can solve two issues. One is the resources that are needed to putting together the social audio rooms is difficult to justify when there is no major way to make money off a show that is set to disappear the moment that it ends, much like Twitter Spaces that are only up for 24 hours. 

The second issue is that launching an individual podcast is also difficult and requires marketing to grow.

Thus, sharing a podcast feed with others means that everyone shares the goal of growing the feed and bringing listeners to it, according to The Verge.

SpaceCasts on Ad Money

Ad money, which the group has not made yet, will be divided up by downloads. So if one member contributes only one show in a given month but accounts for 20% of the downloads, they will receive 20% of the revenue.

Messina added that they will take the things that is good that people have recorded and that they think they know could be of interest to a broader audience. The group will collect an audience that is interested in a series of different topics from people who are experts but also have their own perspective on the topics.

This all speaks to social audio’s focus on making it a lot easier to get people in just one place to record, and its lack of focus on monetization or native recording.

Twitter stated that it is working on a native recording function, but that has not launched yet, and there is no update as to when it will be available.

Clubhouse, on the other hand, has launched in-app tipping, which is helpful to creators, but it does not monetize the actual chats, according to Slash Gear.

Some creators on Clubhouse have began partnering with brands on their respective rooms, and entire agencies have started to sell ads for them. However, a podcast feed still remains the best way to distribute recorded audio that can live on widely.

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