The new Sony FR7 is a remote-controlled camera that is not only as powerful as the FX6, but also equipped with additional functions. The upgrades include interchangeable lenses, making it tailor-made for live events and even broadcast environments.

Sony introduces the FR7 for remote control of live events

According to the story of PC Mag, Sony’s latest cinema camera was not made for the field or on set. The FR7 is reportedly taking a different approach and is about the remote control for live event and broadcast venues.

The new camera is said to be called a PTZ, which means a pan, tilt, zoom camera. This is a type of camera specially designed for fixed point installation and ‘control from a cab’.

FR7 includes E-mount interchangeable lenses and the same full-frame chip as the FX6 camera

To date, the cameras have used both fixed lenses and smaller image sensors. Sony is going to change that with the help of the new FR7. Rather than being just a fixed lens, the new camera supports E-mount interchangeable lenses.

In addition to the interchangeable lenses, the image sensor will also be the same full-frame chip featured on the FX6 cinema camera. Putting it all together, the camera is capable of 4K60 recording along with 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling, “electronic variable neutral density control” to keep exposure set during various light, face and eye detection autofocus which comes with topic tracking.

Sony positions the camera towards high-end customers

In short, PC Mag’s article notes that the camera comes with many features that the general public may not need due to its power and maximum capabilities on a larger scale. Reportedly, Sony is positioning the camera towards high-end customers.

One rep also suggested the use of various cases ranging from cooking shows on YouTube to episodic drama on the actual production side. This also includes places such as wedding venues, concerts and other forms of broadcasting.

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FR7 Will Be Equipped With Genlock Connectors For Multi-Cam Setup Snyc

Because the image has the same pipeline as the FX6, users can easily match footage in the editing room and broadcasters can easily take advantage of the “ready-made profiles like S-Cinetone”. The camera also includes a Genlock connection to help sync in multi-cam setups.

The new FR7 is said to be an interesting addition to the company’s diverse camera line, and one that offers several options for PTZ installations. Users can mount the camera upright or on the ceiling so that it can use AC as a power source or PoE.

There are also dual CFe card slots so users can broadcast along with SDI, HDMI, optical and other forms of connections.

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