SOJO Hotels – The winner of the World Travel Awards (WTA)’s 2021 Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand revolutionizes the customer experience when successfully combine the rustic of Neo-Industrial style and the unique of local culture in Vietnam.

Born in the midst of the pandemic – December 2020, SOJO Hotels represents a completely new brand, a safe haven that is refreshingly smart for guests, especially against the Covid-19 backdrop. Guests staying at SOJO Hotels will get acquainted with the “touchless hotel” concept, thereby minimize physical contact, as well as avoid direct contact with a person.

Based on “customer-centric” strategy, SOJO Hotels aims to become “the right hotel and the right taste” for our guests – a new generation of global citizens who are youthful, dynamic, and always looking for exciting things. After all, the innovative touchless model combined with the “revolution” of experience helped SOJO Hotels also leave its mark in the international arena. In the first time participating in the World Travel Awards (WTA) in November 2021, SOJO Hotels was awarded the “Asia’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand” title. In which the Neo-Industrial style integrated with regional cultural elements is one of the special highlights of SOJO.

Architect Le Huy Truc who directly design SOJO, said: “SOJO is concerned with functionality and guest experience instead of conventional aesthetics. We’re proud to have brought Vietnamese cultural characteristics combined with modern and generous design style in SOJO.”

Recently, in December 2021, architect Le Huy Truc and his company TTT Architects Corporation received a gold award from Vietnam Architects’ Association for the design of SOJO Hotels – “Pioneer with Vietnamese soul”.

Strong colors and contemporary designs are used in the SOJO’s elevator system

Sharing – The characteristics of Vietnamese culture are performed in Lounge JO247. With the “share table” system, guests can meet and connect to new friends at SOJO.

The chill-bar area in lounge JO247 has a liberal, generous design, bringing the connection between people and creativity-art space.

Room interior and color-changing shower cabin at SOJO Hotels

The bed room area is designed with 3 criteria: Optimizing the space to integrate multi-functions, contemporary design and increasing connectivity between guests and SOJO.

Located in central of Hanoi, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Bac Giang and other provinces in Vietnam, SOJO “allows” guest capture more of the scene by panorama window.

At each SOJO, there is a local map with famous landmarks – scenic spots, connecting guests with the local culture.

SOJO Hotel Ga Hanoi is the revival of the atmosphere of Hang Co Railway Station over 100 years old, incorporating a new language, Early-fiction, developed by SOJO to increase the romance of the interior space.

The lighting system at SOJO Hotel Thai Binh is designed as “golden rice waves” based on the inspiration of Thai Binh – the hometown of rice.

Asian culture is also integrated in SOJO’s bedroom design with the familiar “phản gỗ” image in the traditional Vietnamese house, instead of the Western-style beds often placed in the middle of the room like other hotels.

The space “community kitchen”, cooking together, like “neighbors” is also one of Vietnamese local bold features in SOJO.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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