To participate in the voluntary social insurance, participants go to the collection agencies of the social insurance agency (collection agencies in neighborhoods and municipalities, post office collection agencies, etc. or pay directly to the social insurance agency) to complete procedures. usual.

In concrete terms, the required procedures include: declaration of participation, adaptation of information on social insurance, health insurance (HI), …

As for the benefit amount, according to Article 10 of Decree 134/2015/ND-CP, the monthly benefit percentage is equal to 22% of the monthly income, chosen by the voluntary social insurance participants.

According to Clause 2, Article 87 of the Social Insurance Act of 2014, the lowest monthly income to choose is 700,000 VND, equivalent to the poverty line in rural areas, and the highest is 29,800,000 VND, equivalent to 20 times the base salary in rural areas. that moment of closing.

Participants in voluntary social insurance are supported by the state with payments above the poverty line in rural areas: poor households are supported by the state 30% (VND 46,200/month); almost poor households 25% (38,500 VND/month), and other cases 10% (15,400 VND/month).

Therefore, the lowest payment is 138,600 VND/month, and the pension is expected to be over 464,000 VND/month for men and over 567,000 VND/month for women.

The highest contribution level is 6,540,600 VND/month, and the expected pension with this contribution is approximately 19,700,000 VND/month for men and over 24.1 million VND/month for women.

Point c, clause 1, article 219 of the 2019 Labor Code amending and supplementing clause 1, article 73 of the Social Security Act 2014 determines the conditions for enjoying retirement as follows: full retirement age as prescribed in clause 2, article 169 of the Social Insurance Act. Labor Act 2019; Have paid social insurance contributions for 20 years or more.

At the same time, Article 73 of the Social Security Act 2014 stipulates in Article 2 that, if an employee has fully met the age conditions, but has not paid social security contributions for less than 20 years, he/she may pay up to 20 years of age to benefit from the enjoy retirement.

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