Mount Fansipan in the northern province of Lao Cai is forecast to see frost and snow during the Lunar New Year holiday.

There is likely to be frost on Mount Fansipan between Jan. 29 and Feb. 6, said Luu Minh Hai, director of Lao Cai Province’s Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecasting.

According to Luu Minh Hai, the northern areas would be hit by a strong cold wave in the coming days, causing the temperature to drop sharply.

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From January 29, Lao Cai is expected to receive rain with a predicted temperature drop of between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius. Some local areas are said to experience temperatures of between 4-8 degrees Celsius. Mountain Fansipan is likely to experience frost.

Local authorities have urged people to take measures to protect plants, poultry and livestock from the ill effects of the cold weather.

When is the snow in Vietnam?

The weather in Hanoi in December is usually quite mild, while the weather in Sapa in December actually varies and has different temperatures in the region, from mild sunshine to snow and experiences of the bitter cold. The climate of Vietnam in this part of the country is somewhat divided along the valley. Some parts remain quite soft in winter. Others can share the snow and cold, with places as low as -10c. While southern Vietnam has two distinct tropical seasons, a wet and a dry season, the temperature in Sapa, northern Vietnam, is influenced by a four-season cycle, much like the cycles in Western Europe and North America. .

Vietnam, as a nation, enjoys the benefits brought about by the tropical climate, so any snow in Vietnam or snow in the weather in Sapa Vietnam is considered a disaster for farmers. Their crops can be destroyed. However, for the tourist in Vietnam, Sapa snow is a rare and exceptionally beautiful sight to see. The snow offers a mind-blowing yet surreal image to the mind. It’s a very different kind of photo opportunity. This is generally a nice time to visit Vietnam. You can experience the dry season in the south and still see a rare moment of beauty in Sapa. Snow and snowfall usually fall between mid-December and early January. They usually last about 1-2 days. You must have knowledge of the most suitable places to get snow.

Where is the snowfall in Sapa, Vietnam?

Going sightseeing in Sapa in winter is a very enjoyable experience

The snow falls in certain places in Sapa, Vietnam, and it is these places you would want to be to get the best chance of seeing Sapa snow. On the other side of Lao Cai, you have to make an effort to see the white rice terraces of Sapa. The recommended route is through the Y Ty pass where there is a higher chance of seeing some amazing views of Sapa created by snow and the winter snowfall. Of course, seeing snow in Sapa Vietnam from the mountain top can offer some vistas.

Hoang Lien San Mountain is a good place for snow photos in Sapa at this time of year. Some of Sapa’s other popular landmarks, such as Heaven Gate and Silver Falls, offer remarkable views during this time of year. Perhaps a trip to Bat Xat Municipality in Sapa can also give the locals in Sapa a new and enlightening winter view. You may have noticed that they dress a little differently when there is snow in Vietnam.

What to bring to Sapa, Vietnam

Some excursions of the day can be long and cold. First of all, it is recommended to bring winter clothes to Vietnam if you want to follow the snowfall in Sapa. Try to find some lightweight clothing as it will help you during your trek during the winter snowfall of Sapa. Any warm coats, scarves, hats and gloves that are not heavy are a good choice. Keep it watertight as the snow could melt and there’s a chance you’ll be surrounded by a tantalizing damp mist in the mountain areas. Some peaks and mountain peaks can get very cold, so make sure to stay warm. Keep some medicine in case you catch a cold, or keep a thermos with you. The locals like to drink rice wine to keep warm in a Sapa winter. You may want to share this with people during your trip. Ask the locals in Sapa town for tips on how to get hot drinks.

Source: Vietnam Insider


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